Sam’s New Cousin Sophie

Sam's new cousin Sophie - adopted by my brother and his family!

My new cousin Sophie with her new Dad, my Uncle Mike!

Good Morning World!  Wanted to share a photo of my new cousin Sophie.  She’s a four year old cocker my Mom’s brother Mike and his family just adopted from a rescue group.  She’s kinda cute for a dog huh?  I think she likes her toys a lot as you can see.  I know she has found her forever home though and will be running things like clockwork around there before you know it! 

I also want to mention that when it got light enough to SEE outside this morning, it was PINK!  Yes – PINK – everywhere…..know what that means?  RAIN!!!  Mom said some funny rhyme about red skies at dawn and sailors taking warning and some other kind of gobbledygook I didn’t understand (which is often the case when humans are talking) but the bottom line is when the sky is pinkish and there’s a pink hue everywhere, it’s probably going to get WET.  Since we desperately need WET, I’m hoping that silly rhyme is right.   Mom took a photo but it didn’t turn out – you can’t tell that even the AIR is pink…(haha)…it just looked like a regular photo.  Oh well… get the idea.

I’m off to eat breakfast…..I bet my new cousin Sophie is having hers right about now too! 

Sammy, One Spoiled Cat

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    • Hi Caren and Cody! Not sure about Sophie’s heritage….I think she looks “poodle-ish” too but maybe it’s that extra curly hair??? LOL Anyway, she’s a happy girl these days and so are her parents.

      Happy Day to both of you


  1. She’s adorable, Sam! I agree with CatChatCaren – she looks like a cock-a-poo. I had one growing up! I’m so happy Mike and Valerie adopted a rescue dog. There are so many who need homes!
    And I hope you do get a lot of rain today! I know you’ve needed it for some time. Send some down to us, too!


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