Cats Have Hobbies Too!

What a view!

Hobby #1: Birdwatching.....Love it!

Hi Everyone!  I was watching my Mom doing some illustrations for the book of childrens stories she’s writing yesterday and realized that like her – I have hobbies too!  Yes I sure do…..I guess I never really thought of them as hobbies but they ARE – things I do regularly, and things that I really enjoy so they sure are hobbies……and #1 is birdwatching.  I spend a lot of my day going from window to window looking for the birds and we do have a lot of them.  Cardinals and bluejays especially but lots of chickadees, house wrens, finches and hummingbirds (my favorite).


Hobby #2: Napping! You all know I'm GREAT at this.....

Then of course Hobby #2 would be napping.  I’ve gotten really good at this particular hobby over the years.  I know all the best places to snooze – beds, pillows, comforters, window perches but the BEST spot is Mom’s lap! 
You know what I always say…..”It takes a lot of energy to be ME!!!!” so I need lots of naps.
Then we come to Hobby #3:  Outdoor activities……………I like to sit or lie in the grass, sniff the garden flowers, dig around trees and shrubs and try to catch butterflies, moths and big crawly bugs! 
Enjoying the yard and the nice fresh air!

Hobby #3: Enjoying the yard and the nice fresh air!

 I even like the snow as you guys know…….and the rain if it’s not “noisy” and it’s not a lot of rain.  When I was little I used to chase sticks when Mom threw them or my big blue rubber ball – but nowadays since I’m “middle aged” I just like to walk around and check things out for the most part.  Once in a very great while, I’ll make a mad dash across the yard and fling myself part way up one of our big old oak trees!  Just showing off for Mom…..
And last but not least (and not really a “hobby” but just something I love to do!) is…………..PLAYING!
I'll just stay inside and play all day......
Not really a hobby but it’s a big part of ME !

I love to play – anywhere, anytime.  Stairs are a big favorite… up and down or getting someone to throw down a toy (like in this photo)….I’m always up for some “stair time” !   I have a toybox in the living room and one in the basement where I keep my “tent”…..I know I’m one lucky and spoiled cat.  Honest I do. 

Every single day I think about how lucky I was to be in the shelter the day in February 2000 when Mom and Dad visited.  I knew they wouldn’t be able to resist me when I stuck my extra-toed paw through the bars on my little cage and said hello.  It’s been a GREAT life ever since.
Happy Thursday to all my friends and admirers………
Sammy, One Spoiled and VERY Happy Cat!

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  1. We all need thing we like to do, and whether they are hobbies or just things we like to do they are great to have.

    Watching birds, it would seem to me to be especially a great hobby for you, for there are so many of them and so many colors to catch your eye.

    And, of course sleeping. Now THAT’S a hobby I know you are particularly fond of.


  2. Hi Uncle J…..I do enjoy my life as much as I can that’s for sure! I’m enjoying doing this blog every morning too – even if sometimes what I have to say isn’t very earth-shattering (haha) or even useful…..I just like to talk a bit about ME ME ME and after all, isn’t that what a spoiled cat ought to do?????

    Hope you and Zoe have a great day too.


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