Yippeeee It’s Raining!

Sam's Front Yard

Maybe my front yard will look like this again since we're finally getting some RAIN??

Wheeee!  It’s finally raining here.  It’s been weeks since we even had a drop and this photo of my front yard – well – it was taken before the drought when things looked nice and green.  Right now this view is BROWN; brown grass, leaves on the trees brown (or already falling off), and it’s NOT a pretty sight.   I usually enjoy lying in the shade under a tree in the soft green grass.  Lately I feel like a pig rolling around in the dirt when I’m in the yard!  NOT A PRETTY SIGHT…………

I will be asking Mom to take me out on the front porch in a little bit – probably when I get my blog finished…..because I do enjoy standing in the rain if it’s not raining hard.  AND, I’m sure there will be some nice fresh smells out there too………so picture me sitting on the wet sidewalk, my pink nose up in the air, taking in the scent of wet grass and trees……and probably some other things like whatever the deer “left behind” when they passed through last night – and maybe a groundhog or two…..and probably some unauthorized visitors like neighborhood cats!   That doesn’t mean my “bud” Stevie though – she’s allowed (if she behaves herself of course!).

The weather guy said this rain will move through this morning, then maybe more later.  The stuff later might bring thunder and lightning – which means of course I’ll be hiding in my hidey-hole in the basement.  But this rain we’re getting now – Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh – My kind of rain!  Quiet and fresh……Nice!

Sammy, One Spoiled Cat Who Loves A Gentle Shower

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  1. It’s raining a little here, too. I know we need the rain, but Allegra would prefer we didn’t get any. She hates rainy days and hides in her safe place when it rains, especially if the rain is heavy.

    I’m glad you’re enjoying your rain, Sam!


    • Hi Miss Ingrid….well I know how Allegra feels – if it was raining hard or if there was thunder and lightning I’d be in my basement hideaway for sure……don’t like the noise…..but this is just nice light rain – just enough to give the old red coat a rinse off and take away all the pollen and STUFF in the air! Hope it lasts all day long but I’ll take whatever I can get (Mom says the same thing)……

      Happy Wednesday to you, Allegra and Ruby


    • Hi Miss Trish! I hope you had a fun trip – Mom said it sounded like it…..I’m sure Mattie, Eddie, and Simone AND your fishies missed you………….our rain was kind of a disappointment but at least we got SOME. I was able to go out and sit on the sidewalk and get wet a couple of times so that made me happy. We’re hoping for more rain but we “hope” for a lot of things – like that we win the lottery!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA

      Happy Friday!


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