Huh?…..What’s a Groundhog?!!!!

Ahh....this spot will be sunny for AT LEAST another hour!

When I settled in here the sun was right where I wanted it! Why does it MOVE???!!

Hi Folks….Sam here….another day in paradise!  I haven’t seen my nemesis Stevie yet this morning – she must be at her OWN house this morning or maybe hunting out in the woods.  Mom has her snack ready if she ever DOES show up though.  Meanwhile – guess what?!   Mom and I were outside super early – me with my harness and leash (Mom calls it my sweater), and Mom with a cup of coffee.  We went out the front door and all the way around the house while I checked everything out to make sure everything was in its place and smelled right!  I know JUST where my yard ends so I made sure to mark the “borders” appropriately….ahem….so there’s no question by any other passing animals that Sammy Kimmell is the KING of this hill ! 

When we got to the back yard I sat down to watch the birds coming to the feeders and birdbath so Mom sat in a yard chair.  By then it was light so Mom undid my leash.  I saw something STRANGE coming up to the space under one of the feeders……Mom knew I’d seen something and came over to see what it was……guess what!  Mom said it was something called a “groundhog” but to me it looked like a super huge mouse on steroids!!!  We were maybe 20 feet away from it and either it didn’t see us or didn’t care we were there because the big fat thing just snuffled around on the ground and helped himself to sunflower seeds……some noisy old blackbirds landed near it and scared it off back down into the woods but it was neat to see something “different” at the all you can eat salad bar in the backyard!!! 

Golly……there’s never a dull moment around here.   I think before I curl up for my first nap of the day I’ll stand at the front door and keep an eye out for Stevie.  When she arrives I always go find Mom wherever she is and tell her that Stevie’s here so she can give her her treat.  A guy has to look out for his pet cat ya know!  

Sammy, One Spoiled Cat


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  1. Since the last time you rebuffed Stevie, Sammy, she may not be back; a woman scorned . . .

    Hedgehog just trying to get in on a little action. Huh! Wasn’t much of a hedgehog if it let blackbirds scare it ff.


  2. Ha! Well, Stevie needs to accept that this is MY house and I’m not gonna be intimidated into vacating the premises so she can move in….LOL…Not to say that some day maybe (maybe) I might let her join my family but she’ll have to learn some manners first!

    That groundhog was a biggie – Mom says biggest she’s seen here…..I just thought it was a super big mole or mouse or creature from outer space. I think a group of 20 blackbirds would scare most anything off (except for my Dad of course).



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