“The Gray Ghost”…..A Mystery Visitor!

zzzzz.....snoozin' on Mom's leg....zzzzz

Mom's leg makes a good pillow....zzzz......

Morning Peeps!  Not much happening around the old house this morning.  Daddy’s gone flying, Mom’s doing laundry – my visiting cat friend Stevie has been and gone…..sigh…..what’s a guy to do except grab a nap????

There was one tiny bit of excitement around here yesterday though come to think of it.  Mom saw me sitting at the front door looking out the sidelight window so she assumed I was makin’ eyes at Stevie on the porch……..she came to look and instead of Stevie, there was a cat we’ve never seen before!  It was just sitting there staring at me and vice versa…..short-haired smokey gray cat just sitting there, pretty as you please, on MY front porch staring at me!  Something tells me word is out in the neighborhood that there’s an extremely handsome red tabby living here (ahem!…..that would be moi!) and IF that was a girl cat droppin’ by – well – what can I say?!?!    Anyway, Mom opened the front door and the gray cat ran lickety split down the sidewalk and disappeared.  We haven’t seen the cat since.  However, wanna bet we DO see it again some time?  There seem to be a LOT of cats that roam around here and Mom says we should worry about them being on their own.  I do……I really do. 

Anyway, as I said earlier, it’s gonna be one of those days to grab some nap time…….although I have to admit I’ll probably be checking the porch frequently – just in case we have more visitors!  

Sammy, One Spoiled (but very alert and watchful) Cat

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  1. Hah! Your handsome, debonair and coolness has been talked about amount the “outside” felines to the point you are collecting a harem it seems. What’s a guy gonna do, indeed! Just lay back and be content that you are on quite a few of the females cats minds these days. gotta love it!


  2. Hi Uncle Jerry….yeah, well, you know how it is….course I don’t know if the Gray Ghost is a male or female….but my magnetic personality and quick wit apparently is known throughout the entire community no matter what! HAHAHAHA

    Sammy, The Babe Magnet


  3. Well, Sam, it looks like Stevie could have some competition! It is sad that so many people allow their pets to roam free. There’s so much that could happen to them, especially in this record heat. Word has obviously traveled far and wide that your house treats cats the way they should be treated!


  4. I guess you’re right Miss Trish…….it’s either they wanna come see the spoiled cat in the neighborhood (smile) OR that big bowl of water Mom keeps on the porch for anyone who needs a drink and is out there on their own!!!

    Hugs from Your Honorary Nephew Sam………….(wink)


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