Aw Mom! Another Baby Picture???

Another baby picture of Sam

Alright Mom....dragging out all the baby pix I see? I still like to steal ribbon any time I find it lying around!

OK…’re going to have to bear with Mom everybody – she started going through my old baby pictures and there’s liable to be MORE of these in the days to come!   Obviously this one was before I started hating flashes on cameras… about looking right at the camera!  Anyway, I dragged this red ribbon around for months and months as I recall…..people were bringing all kinds of toys for me to play with but THIS was my favorite thing. 

I still love ribbon….when Mom’s wrapping a present for someone (I’m not the only one who gets presents around here ya know!)…..I’m RIGHT THERE waiting for the ribbon to come out.  She always gives me a piece so she can finish wrapping without me putting my big old paws in there to grab some.  I’ll drag it down the stairs and all over the house until it gets chewed up and worn out then just wait for the next opportunity to get a fresh piece! 

I’m SURE I’m not the only cat who loves ribbon…..but that reminds me – I’ve been meaning to ask all you other cats (or dogs) who read my blog what YOUR favorite toy is?  

Sammy, One Spoiled Cat

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  1. Hi Sammy,
    I actually have TWO favorites . . .Number One is RED ribbon !! Must go with our names !! The other MOST Favorite is my big long stick with a long cord and leather fringes at the end !! I drive my Mom crazy with that one !! I used to do somersaults in the air with that one . . . now at 27 pounds and becoming more of a dignified “senior”, I just run after the leather fringes . . . I usually stop and just watch Mom play for a while. She gets frustrated easily. :-))
    Your Friend, Sammy Maxson


    • Hi Sammy! So you like red ribbon too huh? Way cool……your stick with leather fringe stuff on it sounds pretty neato. Mom got me a stick with a long piece of flannel stuff with fringe and I like that too……maybe it’s a “fringe fetish” ??? Anyway, I’m gonna remind Mom when she tells me I’m getting too BIG that I know another Sammy who weighs almost twice what I do – makes me feel TINY again!

      Have fun playing with your toys – and thanks for visiting me today Sammy!

      Your Bud Sam


  2. Well, since I’m a Jack Russell, my favorite toy is my stuffed cow that really moos when I toss it. So I shake it a lot and throw it around the living room. My sisters Simone (a collie) and Mattie (a foxhound) sometimes join in and we all make it moo continuously. When my sister Simone first got rescued from the backyard puppy mill, she wanted to line up all the stuffed toys and sleep with them. I think she thought they were her babies. Now I am her baby. Signed, Eddie Terrell


    • Hi Eddie! How’s my main man bud today?! You guys have it made there in your house – big old yard and lots of toys and you and your two sisters even have a cow to toss around and drive your Mom nuts with the moo thing! Way cool! It’s also nice that Simone can pretend that you’re her baby – puppy mill Moms know how to “Mom” because it was all they did for so long. My Aunt Carol has Molly the shih tzu who did the same thing – take her toys to bed with her like they were her pups. Kinda sad but also very sweet huh!

      Have a super day Eddie!


    • Hi Miss Ingrid…….I was a rather “attractive” kitty cat when I was a babe wasn’t I…!! Just look at me now! LOL

      Thanks for stopping by – say hi to Allegra and Ruby for me will ya?



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