Move? Hmm…Only If I Get a Screened Porch!


Whoa….just got back inside from a very quick porch break and as much as I like a sniff of fresh air – I’m glad to be in the house again.  It’s hot and humid already and it’s still so early!  There’s no breeze – I can’t smell anything out there – not man nor beast (haha). 

I'll just stay inside and play all day......

It's a good day to stay inside and PLAY all day!

I heard Mom and Dad talking last night about maybe moving to a new house.  Something smaller because they don’t really need such a big place since it’s just us here…..I’m not sure how I feel about that.  This is the only place I’ve ever lived !  Will I have stairs to play on in the new house?  Will I have a yard and gardens?  Can I look out the windows and watch birds and squirrels and deer?  Lots of things to think about……but one thing they DID say that I like – they said they would DEFINITELY build a big screened porch FOR ME!!!!!  Well, maybe not JUST for me – I’m sure they would like having one too – but I would really like that a whole lot.  Outside smells and feeling but no bugs to bug me and I’d be safe so Mom wouldn’t have to stay with me every minute I’m “out”… THAT sounds great. 

We’d also stay here in this same town……just move to a place that’s not so much to take care of.  We have all these rooms that we don’t need (well THEY don’t need….I just consider them quiet napping spots where nobody will bother me!!!).  I suppose it wouldn’t be so bad…………something to think about……………it would be weird living in a new place after all these years but…….that screened porch sounds pretty good to me!

Happy Wednesday from Sammy, One Spoiled, Cool Cat!

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  1. Good morning Miss Ann! Thanks for the kudos on the picture of ME ME ME playing on my stairs. Hopefully if we DO move, we’ll have at least a few stairs for me to run up and down – it’s good exercise. Mom says to tell you good luck tonight (although I have no idea what she’s talking about!!!!).

    Hugs from Sammy, One Spoiled and Adorable Cat


    • Ohhhhhhh wowwowmeowwww Miss Ingrid! Mom and I love that website link – I’ll be spending some time out on the screen porch and you’ve given me a lot of ideas how to fix it up! I’m SURE Mom and Dad will make sure I have lots of perches and sleeping spots available……I know my Dad’s looking forward to his OWN sleeping spot out there too! HAHAHA Tell Allegra and Ruby that they will be more than welcome to come out and visit me and my screened porch whenever they want to…..I think they are two pretty hot tortie chicks! (wink wink)



  2. Having a new home will be exciting, Sammy. Just think of all the new places you can claim for your very own for those power naps you like to take, or merely snoozing with one eye open to observed that everything is A-okay at the Kimmell abode. It’ll be fun. Of course it’ll take time because of the human you live with will be doing much the same thing. Making the house theirs, in effect. Moving furniture here, then a week later, over there.

    Don’t you fret, Sammy, you’ll get that screened in porch and that is one more place you can claim as your ow, of course you’ll allow the humans access to it, how else can you find a nice soft lap to snooze on if you’re on the porch and they are in the house?


    • You’re right Uncle Jerry…..laps will be available on the porch AND in the house after we move. Good point! I’m perfectly willing to share the porch with other members of the household…..after all, they are my pets and I take care of my pets!



  3. I love the idea of a screened porch! It would be the perfect place to while away the days for a kitty like you, Sam, and I bet your peeps would love using it, too! And if and when you all move, I know it will be an improvement for everybody!


    • Miss Trish you will have to come and visit us when we get our new house and see how I’ve decorated my – er – um – I mean OUR screened porch. I’m sure it’s gonna be way cool……….



  4. Hi, just found you through another blog, which referenced my blog and yours, because we both blogged about porches this week!
    Anyway – since I’m a cat lover, I love your blog! My kitty, Sundae, occasionally commandeers my blog: I think I may have created a monster by allowing her to post.


    • Hi Dianna……I’m answering your note for Sam – he’s snoozing it up on the couch in my studio so I figure he won’t mind my taking charge of “his” keyboard for a bit. Isn’t it cool how cyberspace brings people together sometimes by chance? I’m about to head to your blog since you mentioned porches as well. I love screened porches and we probably should have built one on THIS home, but definitely want to have one in our next one. I’m a writer and artist and I can just see myself painting and using my laptop on a cool, breezy, peaceful porch! Sam is an indoor cat but likes to go out (under supervision and on a leash!) from time to time; a screened porch would be IDEAL for him. I love the name you’ve given your cat…..I’m sure Sam would want me to speak again for him and say that you and Sundae are welcome to stop in and visit his blog any time!

      Pam Kimmell, Mom of Sam the Spoiled (and snoozing right now) Cat


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