Sam’s “Friend” DeDo the Gargoyle


Hi Everyone!  Today my blog isn’t “all about me” for a change – I’m going to tell you about another “friend” of mine – he guards the entrance to our house and his name is DeDo the Gargoyle!  Mom says she and Dad first heard about DeDo on their honeymoon a bazillion years ago (well…not QUITE that many but you know) when they were in Paris, France.  The guide at Notre Dame told DeDo’s legend and Mom fell in love with this little guy (not as much as she loves ME ME ME though!).  Here he is by the steps to our front door:

DeDo the Gargoyle: A Parisian Legend

My buddy of the front entrance of my house!

Poor DeDo has been through a whole lot – Mom’s had him for many years and he has a chipped toe, a crack across his head, and a little piece of his nose has disappeared too but he’s still hanging in there guarding the door.  Wanna know more about him?  It’s a very cool story!  Here’s what Mom says:

Little Dedo is a small gargoyle pointy ears and human-like feet on the Nortre Dame Cathedral in Paris. When the cathedral was built in 1160, a nun from a tiny convent in Provence who disliked the menacing gargoyles that were put on top of the building to ward off evil spirits, disguised herself as a workman, gained entrance to the work site and quickly carved the sculpture from a small block before placing it on the highest roof.

How cool is that?????  She says if DeDo can ward off evil spirits for a big huge place like that cathedral, surely he can keep the bad stuff away from OUR house!  I think she’s right……every single morning when I go out the front door I visit DeDo and give him a sniff.  Just saying “good morning and thanks for keeping an eye on my house buddy”……..doesn’t hurt to stay in good with a gargoyle – right?

Sammy, One Spoiled Cat (with a gargoyle for a friend!)


The gargoyle was undiscovered for centuries until a small boy, lost in the labyrinthine structure, stumbled off a ledge and rolled down a roof into the arms of the gargoyle. Since its rediscovery, the creature has been affectionately known as Little Dedo, the gargoyle with the crossed toes.

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  1. Hi Uncle Jerry…..yeah DeDo is pretty cool. Poor guy has had a lot of “accidents” in his years as guardian of the palace but between us, I think we’ve got things covered here. He has crossed toes, and I have EXTRA toes….we’re quite a pair of dudes!



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