Mommy In Wonderland

Back Garden

One of my favorite garden areas because of the bird feeders (tee hee)

So, here’s the scoop fans!  Yesterday while filling up the bird feeders in one of the back gardens (my favorite spot because of all the birds, squirrels and chipmunks who visit!) my Mom fell into a hole!  Yep – just like Alice In Wonderland!  Cool huh?  Well, SHE didn’t think so.  I was outside with her at the time – minding my own business of course – when I heard her say a BAD WORD.  Turns out she wasn’t watching where she was walking and right by that GREAT BIG GREEN PLANT in the picture above is a hole.  Her foot went down into the hole and it made her twist her back and her – er – um – “backside” muscles.  Now that of course effected ME because she has to be sitting down in her recliner for me to lie on her legs and have a decent nap!!!  Her “backside” hurt so much after that incident that she was kind of squirmy all afternoon when she was sitting!  Not good for quality napping.

Poor Mom.  I’m happy to report she was sore all day and into the evening but this morning she’s much better. 

Now for WHY there was a hole by that big plant in the first place!  See, when it rains, water used to collect right there by that big plant area so Daddy put in a drain pipe under ground from where the rocks line the garden to the BACK of the garden by that big old hollow tree.  Water just goes through the pipe down into the woods!  The chipmunks figured out that it was a great “shortcut” through the garden – AND of course a great place to hide from yours truly when I’m back there poking around.  Little smartie pants chipmunks love their little underground tunnel!  Over time, at the front entrance of the tunnel a sort of deep hole has appeared because of the way the dirt washes down along with the rain….Daddy keeps the hole clear so the water (and chipmunks!) can go through.  I guess they will figure out some way to put some rocks in the hole to keep Mom from going to WONDERLAND again………

See?  Never a dull moment around here !

Sammy, One Spoiled Cat (who’s looking forward to a decent lap nap today)

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  1. Sammy, Sammy, Sammy, you little imp, you almost sound like you was making fun of poor old mommy because she busted her . . . er . . . fell down the Alice hole. Psst! I bet it was kinda funny (don’t dare tell her I said that).

    Dad need to do something to fill the hole though,because you know how us senior citizens are, we don’t always thing ahead, much like teenagers. That’s a chilling thought, eh?


  2. Tee Hee………you’re right Uncle Jerry! I did laugh a little but hid behind a bush to do that so she wouldn’t hear me…..I know how to talk (as you know) and can say stuff like “MaMa” and “Out” – wonder how Mom (and Dad) would feel if I repeated one of the words Mommy said yesterday when she fell????????

    Have a nice day with Zoe……..


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