My nice shady back yard hideaway (one of them!)

I'll be outside enjoying the gardens today - for a change!

Goodie!   Last night we had a bit of rain (yes I hid in the basement because of thunder!!) but this morning – it’s REALLY nice outside….so nice I let Mom put on my “sweater” (that’s what she calls my harness) and out we went in the dark before the sun came up……I love to go out and sniff around before anybody is awake.  Mom looks at the stars and I look at the trees for birds just waking up!  Anyway, it was way cooler – very nice – a little wind so I could hold up my nose and see who else might be around……I stopped walking at one point because I could smell deer – sure enough there they were – moving through the neighbor’s front yard.  Six of them.  Then five minutes later the neighborhood cat that comes for a handout showed up!  We had to come inside so Mom could get a treat for her.  I decided to stay inside and just watch “Stevie” (our visitor) through the front door windows.  We hadn’t seen her for a couple of days so I was glad she was OK.

SO – do you get the idea I’m happy this morning?  I sure am.  It’s been too hot to be outside and today it’s nice so I’ll be out there as much as Mom will let me.  I know she has stuff to do today so I’ll have to be patient and take my turn to ask to go out – BUT I pretty much have her wrapped around my little paw (well, big paws since I have extra toes!!) – SOOOOOOOO – I hope wherever you guys are it’s a nice day too so you can take your little (or big) pet children out for a walk to enjoy the air. 

As I said before…………….YIPPEEEEE!!!!!


Enjoying the yard and the nice fresh air!

Enjoying the yard and the nice fresh air!



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  1. Good morning Sammy, it is cloudy here, the the temperature isn’t supposed to even get into the nineties today, but there is a lot of humidity. No biggie. Zoe and I say inside for the most part.

    Yes, it is nice to be able to be outside before most people are out and about. Zoe and I used to be able to do that, but since i am sleeping better — and longer — we don’t get to predawn walk much anymore.

    Cute pic of you posing like for a calender, dere, kiddo!


  2. Hi Uncle Jerry…..It is nice to be outside early – Mom and I are usually unable to go because our “visiting hobo” Stevie shows up out of nowhere and you know me – I’m not exactly happy to have another cat jumping all over me wanting to play! Anyway, I was happy to be out early and I’ve been out twice since then! Hope you and Zoe have a super day.



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