Dog (cat??) Days of Summer

Cousin Toby cooling down in his pond

My Cousin Toby has the right idea - keeping cool !

Now this is what I call a great way to stay cool on a hot day!  We’re going to be into the 100s today and I’m kind of thinking Cousin Toby is one smart shih-tzu in figuring out how to be comfortable if you’re in the great outdoors.  Cousin Toby and my Aunt Carol (and my other Cousin Mollye) live on top of a mountain in West Virginia.  Aunt Carol had this way neato pond and mini-waterfall in the backyard and it didn’t take Cousin Toby long to discover if he plopped down on his belly in the pond, he’d get cooled off. 

We don’t have a pond…..but we DO have a woods, and it’s a lot cooler down in the woods.  Mom and Dad made a path down to a little patio that has a bench that swings on it and it’s a nice spot for me to hop onto and keep an eye on things sometimes.   Still, on a day like today is going to be, the best place will probably be INSIDE the house.  I can just sit on my perch and see all the other creatures out there in the heat……..

What a view!

Staying cool inside...watching everything else out in the heat!

I do feel bad for all the cats and dogs who have no home to stay cool in…..they have to do the best they can to survive.  Mom keeps a big bowl of water on our front porch for any cats who need a drink as they make their way around the community – and there are several of them who know it’s there and come to sit on the shady porch and enjoy a cool drink of water.  I’m very lucky to be “off the streets” and living in my nice home.   I think about that EVERY SINGLE DAY!

Remember on hot days to make sure your pets are inside as much as they can be, but if they are outside, they need plenty of fresh water and a safe, shady spot like I have!

Sammy, One Spoiled (and lucky) Cat

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  1. Pretty neat, that little pond you cousin has to cool off in Zoe, when we walk knows where the shades are around the neighborhood and when she comes to one she flops on her better and chills out. I’m sure that grass is cool on hr stomach. She had about three different places for help her deal with the heat.


  2. Staying cool on a hot day sometimes isn’t easy but Toby (and Zoe) and me all have the right idea!! Stay cool Uncle Jerry – I know it gets hot down there in swamp country too………Mom told me so!



  3. I love Toby’s pose! He is adorable. Today and tomorrow will definitely be great days for lounging in a cool pond or pool – or staying indoors! I also feel badly for any animal who is left outdoors in this horrible heat. It’s heart-breaking.


  4. Hi Miss Trish! Toby’s one cool guy isn’t he? I know Mattie, Eddie, and Simone are glad that they have your nice cool house to live in, just like I’m happy to have mine…..and all of us worry about all the other animals with NO home and NO water or food. Oh – and those fish of yours – they’re ALWAYS cool swimming in their pool 24/7 !!!



    • Oh dear….so sorry Cousin Toby if I’ve violated your privacy by asking Mommy to post that photo of you chillin’ in the pond…..BUT, just think – you’re now an internet star!!! That eases the pain of being seen “nekkid” in the pool doesn’t it?????



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