Happy Holiday Peeps!

Sam posing for the camera on the sidewalk in front of the house - what a ham.
See? I’m patriotic! I’m red and white and the sky is blue!

Happy holiday everybody!  Yep – as you can plainly see in my picture, I’m a very patriotic cat.  I’m a red and white tabby and today the sky is blue so there you are!  RED WHITE AND BLUE…..actually right this minute the sky isn’t very blue – we had bad storms alllllllllllllll night – and it’s still a little cloudy now.  Our electricity went out and the wind was howling.  I got a little nervous to tell you the truth.  I can remember when the tornado came here a few years ago and it was headed right for our house when all of a sudden when it got to our hill it just hopped right over us.  We were SOOOOO lucky.  It makes me think of all the places in the country where people are still recovering from THEIR tornadoes.  There’s limbs and leaves and stuff all over my pretty front and back yard but I’m sure Mom and Dad will take care of that this morning when they finally get up.  They had a rough night. 

Hopefully our next door neighbors will come home today – why?  Well, they left the beagles out in the yard when they went on a camping trip.  Someone has been coming to feed them every day but they are still outside and you know what THAT means!   From about midnight until 5AM they barked….and because the electricity was out in the house and it was otherwise so quiet, we heard them LOUD AND CLEAR.  Poor guys – I know they aren’t trying to be pests but – well – do I have to finish this sentence?????
Oh boy – – – I hear Mom getting up  – – – that means it’s breakfast time for MEEEEEEEEEEEEE!   I’m extra hungry this morning too – I hope Mom and Dad are extra hungry because that means Mom will make waffles and bacon……….BACON………OH BOY OH BOY OH BOY DO I LOVE BACON………
Happy 4th of July!
Sammy, One Spoiled (and Patriotic of course) Cat

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  1. Sounds like you had a bad night last night, Sammy, sorry to hear that happened. We had some storms, brief ones) come through here yesterday, but the electric
    didn’t get knocked out.

    I hope your Fourth of July day will be a good one and that the beagles come down with a sore throat and can’t bark.


  2. Hi Uncle Jerry……..hey………..that wouldn’t be so bad if the beagles got sore throats……….hmmmmmmmmmm………we can always hope!

    Happy 4th and I hope it’s NICE AND QUIET tonight for you and Zoe.



  3. Speaking of barking, found some foxes behind the house the other day. Name’s Pudge, Mr. Pudgy to be exact (I’m all cat here too, a proud rumored mix of main coon included) and no the name doesn’t imply big at all. But I think BIG! I like big things, and big dogs. They don’t bother me. Anyways, back to the foxes…oooh chipmunk! *stares* Sorry, where was I? Yes, the foxes. They were barking in the woods. One ran across the yard. I just watched him. Mom ran away from him, lol. Little yipper! But she’s got the food so I have to follow. *sigh* Going to roam now. Nice to meet you, Sammy.


    • Hi Mr. Pudgy! Nice to meet a fellow cat with “cattitude” like myself. So you get the fox guys hanging around too huh? Funny that they bark don’t you think? That REALLY confused me the first time I heard them do that! You be very careful if you’re outside Pudge – I used to only see them early mornings or early evenings but these days I guess they are hungry ANY time of day ‘cuz we see them coming out of our woods in daylight too. It’s always nice to make a new friend – – drop by any old time Mr. Pudge and tell your Mom that MY Mom said Hello!!

      Sammy, One Spoiled Cat


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