Sam’s Lazy Day Sunday

Snoozing on the stairs
I love lazy, snoozy Sundays!

Ahh…..gonna be one of those Sundays!  For one thing, it stormed all night so you know where I spent most of the night – that’s right – NOT asleep but on alert down in the basement in my “safe place”… needless to say I have a lot of sleep to catch up on.  Since it’s raining nice and gently right now, what better thing to do than curl up on the stairs and snooze! 

Dad just finished with the Sunday newspaper and I heard him making me a newspaper tunnel to play in but know what?  I may skip it today.  Instead I’ll just make the rounds of my nap spots and enjoy some relaxation.  I had a nice big breakfast in between storms so my tummy is full too – that makes me extra sleepy.  Mom says I snore most of the time when I’m asleep.  She’s got room to talk!  HA  Both of my parents snore but Mom says she doesn’t SNORE, she just PURRS loudly.  Hey – shouldn’t that be MY excuse? 
Know what?  I figure all this extra sleep I get today will be just what I need to put up with tomorrow night’s fireworks and noise.  Celebrating the 4th of July for the ENTIRE WEEKEND seems a little much but then again, humans are like that……they do a lot of stuff that just doesn’t make sense to us totally reasonable cats!
Excuse me while I go back to doing what I do best…………..ZZZZZZZZZZ
Sammy, One Spoiled and Sleepy Cat

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  1. There’s lots to be said about snoozing and I think you have got a pretty good handle on it. Zoe does pretty good in that department also. Except when she is looking for fleas on the green towel I spread on the sofa. At least I think that’s what she is looking for, she spend a lot of the time just sitting there staring at the towel. Sometimes she quickly goes to it with her teeth and that’s when I think she has seen one. She can do this constantly for an hour, and when she is into her “towel-watching” nothing can interrupt her, unless someone knocks on the door.

    Being afraid of the storms is something inherent in you that probably has to do with survival, although it is strange to me that all dogs and cats aren’t afraid if it. Different strokes, I guess.

    Have a pleasant, snoozing, day.


  2. Hi Uncle Jerry….You know we animals see stuff you humans can’t….yeah like stuff flying around in the air, crawling on the floor, and other places. I like to confuse Mom by staring at something up on a wall and acting like I’m DYING to go after it – she gets up and goes to the wall and there’s nothing there….at least SHE doesn’t see it….anyway, I’m sure Zoe sees SOMETHING on that towel….space aliens????? You never know!!!

    Happy Snoozy Sunday to you and Zoe!
    Sammy, One Snoozy Cat


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