Sam’s Weekend Plans

Enjoying the yard before the NOISE starts!!

Enjoying the yard before the NOISE starts!

I’ll get my peaceful yard time in EARLY this weekend – starting today in fact.  Why?  Well, since it’s a holiday weekend – and one of those NOISY holiday weekends with fireworks and scary stuff like that – I’ll be inside hiding in my safe place a lot.  You know me already…..I like peace and quiet or I get upset…..fireworks upset me more than almost anything I guess.  I just don’t understand what the big deal is with humans and fireworks!  All that loud noise!

Mom and Dad used to have their own fireworks in the front yard until a couple of years ago when they decided to just watch the big Washington DC fireworks on television…..Actually, I like to watch them on television too – with the sound turned down!  All the stuff flying around in the sky is pretty neat if you don’t have to listen to it.  People around here will start celebrating tonight and not stop until Monday night.  Good grief!  How’s a guy supposed to REST and get in his nap time? 

Yesterday Mom came home from shopping with a banner to hang on the front porch railing.  It was eight little foil American flags that flapped around in the breeze and made a weird noise.  After she’d put it on the railing I asked to go out the front door to check it out.  I was NOT HAPPY to have something “new” out there!  The first time I heard it make a sound I immediately asked to go back inside and didn’t go out again…..When I looked out there this morning I had hoped maybe it had disappeared but nope – it’s STILL THERE!!! 

I thought I made my feelings perfectly clear about that banner yesterday……….sometimes Mom just doesn’t “get it” but I guess if she wants the noisy banner thing I’ll just be brave and remember it will disappear from the railing after Monday. 

Then it will be back to normal around here…….and I’ll be back to my regular old self………..Oh – and all you humans who like celebrating on the 4th?  Remember some of us cats and dogs aren’t as crazy about all that noise as you are!  🙂

Sammy, One Spoiled and Occasionally Grumpy Cat !

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  1. Life’s a rabid dog, Sam, you ought to know that by now. I’m not into all that noise either, but in my case it is because I’m getting (got) old. Could that be part of your case now too. I remember when I was young the fireworks were a happy time, except for the time I let a cherry bomb go off in my hand.

    Just brave up and let us humans do our silly little things and always remember, buddy, it could be worse.


    • Hi Uncle Jerry……….yeah I know probably a lot of my problem is I’m officially an “eldercat” now so getting a little crotchety like Mom says Daddy is (haha). But I’ll be brave and just try to remember that I’m inside where it’s quiet(er) than outside and I’m safe in here. I hope you and Zoe have a nice 4th of July in The Hovel and that it’s QUIET for you!

      Sammy, One Old (?) Cat


  2. Loved your blog today! I will be dealing with three dogs who don’t like the fireworks, either, this weekend. My favorite way to watch the fireworks is on TV, and I loved it the year they skipped around the country to show St. Louis, Washington DC, New York, etc. I know Sam will be happy when those foil flags come down – but I bet they’re beautiful!


    • Hello Miss Trish! Mom’s been keeping me posted on my friend Mattie and I’m so happy she’s OK and recovering from her surgery. Hopefully the fireworks won’t scare her or Eddie and Simone too much – we all realize we’re lucky to be able to be inside a nice comfortable house while all that noise goes on outside. I was more brave this morning about that banner by the way – when I went out on the porch with Mom there was no breeze so the banner wasn’t making that funny sound in the wind!! I went up to it and gave it the “sniff test”… passed.

      Have a nice long weekend and please say hi to my honorary cousins!
      Sammy, One Spoiled Cat


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