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Deer Like Sunflower Seeds!

Deer helping themselves to sunflower seeds in the birdfeeders

Mom tried to get this photo before the deer heard her but it didn't work so well.....there was a Mom and her two little spotted babies eating sunflower seeds!

So this was our morning excitement….a Mommy and her two little babies helping themselves to our squirrel proof birdfeeders (which the squirrels figured out ages ago!!).  Sunflower seeds seem to be the favorite food of ALL our creatures (except me of course). 

We haven’t had any rain here in a looooooooong time, and things are drying up including all the greenery in the woods so the deer are up in the yard helping themselves to EVERYTHING.  Mom calls her flower gardens “the all you can eat salad bar” because they LOVE the impatiens so much.  At this point Mom says “let them eat whatever they want” – after all, without any rain, everything looks pretty pitiful anyway! 

Except me of course……..I never look pitiful – unless I’m trying to get an extra helping of treats.  Then I can look downright heartbreaking.  Heh heh…..we cats are masters of communication when we WANT to be – including a wide variety of facial expressions to accompany our other forms of expression – like ankle biting, howling and yowling, chirping, and of course the old standby – hissing. 

I have a feeling there will be a lot more deer wandering the yard today so I’ll keep an eye out from my vantage point on top of the couch at the big window into the backyard.  Maybe I can even get Mom to take a DECENT photo of them to share with you.  It’s tough to capture them on film because they are on the alert and Mom can’t sneak out to the deck without a bit of noise when she opens the door.   I hope we get some rain soon – it might give the deer more green stuff to eat instead of just seeds.  I worry about those little babies!!! 

I’m just a softie……..of course I’m the most important bit of wild life around here but I DO worry about the wandering cats, the deer, and all other creatures…….makes me realize how great it is to be ONE SPOILED CAT.

Happy Sunday……………..Sammy


Early morning bird watching

Watching the birds waking up in the morning - this is the PURRFECT spot!

Early morning bird-watching from the BEST spot in the house!  I often take a nap here, but it’s really one of the best places to see birds because of the leyland cypress trees right outside the window.  There are a LOT of nests in the trees and when it begins to get light out, the birds wake up and start their day too!  

Mom and I don’t go out for walks in the dark like we used to do, but something I liked to do then was watch the bats flying around.  There are a lot of them around here and they swoop and dive and scoop up bugs in the air – pretty cool.  One time a bat snuck back inside our house when Mom and I were coming in from a morning walk.  It just flew right in the basement door with us and I ran around all over the place trying to keep an eye on it!  Mom was freaking out of course….HAHA….eventually it flew over to the screen on the basement door and Mom was able to “encourage” it to fly back outside.  Whew!   I thought it was funny but she was not amused.

I actually have some bird “friends” too.  Every morning a couple of house wrens come up on our deck where Mom has some plants in pots and sit there calling me – I will get up on the back of the couch where the big window is that lets me keep an eye on our deck – I will talk back to them.  They stare at me and I “chirp” back at them.  I’m just SURE they’re calling “Sammy….you can’t get us….hahaha!!”.  Well, I’ve never caught a bird and I never will – not at my age anyway.  I know some cats do that but I just like to watch them. 

I’m such a good boy……..mostly……tee hee

Sammy, One Spoiled Bird-Watcher

Happy FRYday….!

Me in a Santa Hat......

I'm just being silly! It's 100 outside but I'm just reminding you that COOLER days are ahead!

Friday….or FRYday as I’m calling it because it’s going to be around 100 degrees today.  YUCK.  I’m staying inside and going to pretend it’s winter and Santa Claws is coming to visit me soon.  I’ll dig into my toybox wagon and drag out my “holiday collection”…..I have some Christmas toys like a stuffed candy cane toy, and a stuffed Santa – you know the kind of toys I mean.  Anyway, I’ll just make believe – I’m good at that.  Whenever I look out a window today I’ll imagine snow.  Beautiful, COLD snow. 

You folks who have cats know that we have great imaginations.  Ever seen us look up at the ceiling or in a corner with BIG eyes and our ears back – “on alert” ??  Kind of like we’re seeing a ghost?  Guess what!  We are!!!  We see stuff you can’t.   

So, if I look out a window today and act like I am watching squirrels or birds playing in the snow……maybe I AM seeing it in my mind’s eye. 

I know this for sure…….I’m going to be wishing it was snowy out there because it’s been way too hot for me to even go outside these last few days and if there was snow out there – I’d be having a ball outside RIGHT NOW!   Sigh…………..instead, I’ll just try to enjoy my

FRYday !!

Sammy, One Spoiled Cat Dreaming of SNOW


“The Gray Ghost”…..A Mystery Visitor!

zzzzz.....snoozin' on Mom's leg....zzzzz

Mom's leg makes a good pillow....zzzz......

Morning Peeps!  Not much happening around the old house this morning.  Daddy’s gone flying, Mom’s doing laundry – my visiting cat friend Stevie has been and gone…..sigh…..what’s a guy to do except grab a nap????

There was one tiny bit of excitement around here yesterday though come to think of it.  Mom saw me sitting at the front door looking out the sidelight window so she assumed I was makin’ eyes at Stevie on the porch……..she came to look and instead of Stevie, there was a cat we’ve never seen before!  It was just sitting there staring at me and vice versa…..short-haired smokey gray cat just sitting there, pretty as you please, on MY front porch staring at me!  Something tells me word is out in the neighborhood that there’s an extremely handsome red tabby living here (ahem!…..that would be moi!) and IF that was a girl cat droppin’ by – well – what can I say?!?!    Anyway, Mom opened the front door and the gray cat ran lickety split down the sidewalk and disappeared.  We haven’t seen the cat since.  However, wanna bet we DO see it again some time?  There seem to be a LOT of cats that roam around here and Mom says we should worry about them being on their own.  I do……I really do. 

Anyway, as I said earlier, it’s gonna be one of those days to grab some nap time…….although I have to admit I’ll probably be checking the porch frequently – just in case we have more visitors!  

Sammy, One Spoiled (but very alert and watchful) Cat

Training Humans….Not Easy!

Yet another baby photo of Sam

Lemme go Dad...lemme go...I wanna run around...lemme go!

Gee, this picture makes me look pretty small…..Daddy couldn’t keep me on his lap for long – I just put my little “tractor paws” in gear and off I’d go!  HAHA  One advantage to having big paws with extra toes – it was hard to hang onto me for long.  Nowadays, it’s hard to get me to move……..I much prefer a long and luxurious nap in one of my favorite spots.  I can remember when Mom took this photo though – – – Dad was a little bit “out of his element” when I first came to live with them.  He had very little experience with cats……he’d had a dog for 16 years when Mom first met him……he didn’t “get” cats.   His dog had been totally dependent on him and having an independent kitten running around the house was a BIG adjustment!

Mom knew all about cats.  I didn’t have to train her at all! 

Anyway, I worked hard on getting Dad to adjust to having a wild kitten around the house…I’d pop up in the most unlikely spots just to keep him on his toes.  In a big three story house like this, I had lots of places to hide and wait until he came by – then I’d jump out and scare him.  Wheeeeee!   Nowadays of course I’m much more dignified and settled down….that’s not to say that I don’t work hard at keeping my parents on their toes though.  Lately my favorite thing to do is hide somewhere and not answer when they call me.  HAHA   Then they have to search alllllllllllllllllll my hiding spots in the whole big house looking for me.   I figure it’s good exercise for them at their age.  

That’s another thing………we’re ALL growing older together.  How cool is that?  Still, it’s fun to look at all these old photos and remember when I was just a baby and we were all adjusting to each other.  The beginning of my life as ONE SPOILED CAT!

Happy Wednesday Peeps……….


Aw Mom! Another Baby Picture???

Another baby picture of Sam

Alright Mom....dragging out all the baby pix I see? I still like to steal ribbon any time I find it lying around!

OK…’re going to have to bear with Mom everybody – she started going through my old baby pictures and there’s liable to be MORE of these in the days to come!   Obviously this one was before I started hating flashes on cameras… about looking right at the camera!  Anyway, I dragged this red ribbon around for months and months as I recall…..people were bringing all kinds of toys for me to play with but THIS was my favorite thing. 

I still love ribbon….when Mom’s wrapping a present for someone (I’m not the only one who gets presents around here ya know!)…..I’m RIGHT THERE waiting for the ribbon to come out.  She always gives me a piece so she can finish wrapping without me putting my big old paws in there to grab some.  I’ll drag it down the stairs and all over the house until it gets chewed up and worn out then just wait for the next opportunity to get a fresh piece! 

I’m SURE I’m not the only cat who loves ribbon…..but that reminds me – I’ve been meaning to ask all you other cats (or dogs) who read my blog what YOUR favorite toy is?  

Sammy, One Spoiled Cat

From “Handful” to “Armload”…That’s Me!

Alright - so I'm even MORE of a handful now than I was when this pic was taken!

This was back when Daddy could actually HOLD that I'm 14 lbs. I'm even MORE of a handful! HAHA

Ahhh….another week begins.  Actually the only day of the week I “know” is Sunday and that’s because one of my parents brings the Sunday newspaper inside and I get to play with various parts of it while they read the rest.  All the rest of the days are pretty much the “same old, same old”…….

But that’s another story……I was looking at some of my old baby pictures and realized that I used to be pretty darn small.  This old photo of me in Dad’s arms was taken after I’d lived with them for a few weeks – nobody could say for sure how old I was at the shelter but I was a lot smaller than this!  We cats can grow FAST!  I really don’t remember much about how I got to the shelter to tell you the truth.  They told my parents that I was “found” under an old house.   All I know is I was one lucky kitten to have been at the shelter the day Mom and Dad came in because they adopted me and I’ve been spoiled rotten ever since. 

I know that I’m not THAT big of a cat really – Mom had a good friend that had two cats that each weighed 25 lbs. and there are LOTS of people who have big cats like that – or even bigger!  Mom says I eat like a little piggy but imagine how much food those BIG cats eat……wow……If I wasn’t so picky about my food who knows how much I might weigh.  YIKES

I already know today is going to be the day I have to get my nails trimmed.  It’s quite a project, thanks to me and my squirming!  Daddy holds me (haha) and Mom trims my nails.  The hardest part is my extra toes on my front paws (so she says).  I usually try to stay very still but not TOO still – I want to make it a bit of a challenge for them.  Tee Hee….yeah, I’m a little devil alright! 🙂

I guess I’d better go now – if I’m not mistaken (and I never am) Mom’s got the pantry door open where my food is…..I need to get down there and get in position to give a “thumbs up” approval or a “thumbs down” rejection of whatever she puts in my dish.  I like to keep her on her toes – – – I change my mind frequently – – – what was yummy one day, might be icky the next. 

Life is good……..I hope BREAKFAST is too!!!

Sammy, One Spoiled Fourteen Pounder


A Boy And His Toys…..

One of Sam's battered and beat up old toys which he refuses to part with!

One of my favorite toys - Mr. Yellow Fuzzyball.....I had to hide this one to escape the great toybox cleaning of last week!

Remember last week Mom insisted on cleaning out my toybox (well….toy wagon to be precise!)???  We made it through that painful process without too much agony but what she DIDN’T know is that I hid some of my raggedy old favorites in special hiding places so they’d escape THE BIG CLEAR OUT.  This little yellow fuzzy ball on the end of an elastic string was one of the things she didn’t know I’d hidden – that is until this morning!  She and Daddy were reading the Sunday paper and I dragged this baby out from one of my secret hidey holes and carried it to the middle of the living room rug.  Boy was SHE surprised…..I like to keep my parents on their toes.  Just when they think THEY have the upper hand around here, I remind them who’s really in charge! 

So why did I save this particular toy during the clear out?  Well, it’s lightweight so easy to drag around the house and up and down the stairs…..and it’s small and really easy to hide;  it’s also one of my oldest toys – maybe ten years old!  I guess that makes it an antique in MY world. 

I’ve got a few other surprises for Mom hidden around the house.  She thinks she threw away my lucky rabbits foot, my red ribbon, and my old stuffed bird with only one feather left….HAHA…..when she wasn’t looking closely I snatched those from the throwaway pile too!  

Who’s in charge around here?  I think we all know the answer to that! 

Sammy, One Spoiled Cat

Mr. Cranky Pants


Can you believe it?  That’s what Mom called me all day yesterday!  Just because this weather is getting to me….it’s getting to everybody I think.  I kept checking at the front door though, hoping that something miraculous had happened and there would be a nice cool breeze out there……but every time Mom opened the door – YUCK! 

Funny Face Sam

Do I look cranky? I think I look CUTE!

I know that some cats love the hot weather…..I can take it for maybe ten minutes at the most and that has to be in the total shade.  Like yesterday afternoon, Mom went out to fill up the birdbath with more water so I decided to come out with her.  I seriously thought about asking her to spray ME with the hose but decided that wouldn’t be dignified!  I stayed in the shaded area of the garden and watched her…..the minute she finished coiling up the hose again by the back door I QUICKLY flew to the door and told her to please open it ASAP!!  We both came inside and boy did that nice cool basement feel great………Whew!

Mom started calling me Mr. Cranky Pants because I got really bored yesterday – so bored I resorted to driving her nuts by asking her to let me into closets, pantries, the garage…..every time she’d sit down I’d ask (nicely of course) for her to let me through some closed door SOMEWHERE.  When she’d get up and come to where I was asking to be allowed entry, I’d run off….tee hee….she was not amused.  The other thing I did was pretend to be a tiger taking down its prey in the Serengeti – I’d wait for her to walk by me and leap out and bite her ankles.  Again, she was not amused. 

Mr. Cranky Pants????  Well, maybe a little………

Sammy, One Spoiled Cat (ready for this heatwave to be OVER!!)

Cat Dreams……


Shhhh!  I’m spying on Mom and Dad while they talk this morning…..what are they talking about?  ME!  Yes – ME!  Apparently (this is of course hearsay) sometimes when I’m napping I must be dreaming about music – because even though I’m sound asleep, my tail will levitate up and begin to move slowly up and down or sway from side to side – like I’m conducting an orchestra with my tail!  Hey – I love to listen to music – so what’s wrong with that????  I would think they’d be proud to have an orchestra leader for a son!   Also (so they say) I will sometimes purr or cry or squeak accompanied by some kind of funny face!  Imagine that!   Mom told Dad that once in a while I will even GROWL!  Now that’s hard for me to believe….but maybe I’m dreaming about guarding my house or warning off some big beast.  What do THEY know?!?!?!?! 

Anyway, I know that humans dream – so what’s the big deal about cats dreaming?   Mom says Dad even talks in his sleep once in a while… if I should ever do that, then THAT would be something to brag about……….HAHAHA 

Yes, cats dream……..dogs do too…….and maybe all animals dream.   It’s a big old world full of things to think about, imagine, worry over, and some of us do that when we sleep. 

Sam relaxing after the visit to the vet yesterday!

Who knows what I might be dreaming about...maybe wishing it was DARK in here so I don't have to cover my face??????

Dreams are good for us cats – letting out our inner TIGER from time to time.   The more we do that in our sleep, the less we have to resort to biting your ankles!  HAHAHAHAHA

Happy Friday Cool Cats and Humans!

Sammy, One Spoiled Dreamer