Introducing Sam’s Buds “Fleetfish Mac” !


Hi. My name’s Mick Fleetfish and I’m a guest blogger for my pal, Sam. And Sam is a good pal ‘cause I’m not even a cool cat. I’m a fish. An angelfish, to be exact. I live with my band.  Here’s a picture of the whole gang:

Some bands have a bus....we have a tank!


There’s Lindsay Buckingfish. He’s very flamboyant with his black and white marble suit and his orange head. Always wants to be the center of attention. Especially at feeding time.


Then there’s his girlfriend, Stevie Fishnick. Sigh. I’m in love with Stevie Fishnick, with her long, golden fins. Sometimes she likes me, too. But she’s laid eggs with Lindsay and I always worry she’ll want to go back to him.


There’s John MacFish, whose silver with black stripes. When he gets scared, his stripes turn almost the same shade of silver as the rest of his body. Like he’s seen a ghost fish or something.


And his wife, Christie MacFish, a smoky leopard with a smoky voice. Smokin’! Yeah, she’s hot. She’s so hot, she’s laid more than 1,000 eggs with John. See them on the filter?


Our band manager was named Pipsqueak Littlefish because he was the size of a nickel when he joined the band. That’s even what he was called, a nickel angel. He’s a koi angel and is mostly white and orange. With worried eyebrows. He’s usually carrying a briefcase and worrying about how much everybody is spending. Like we have nothing else to do.


Oh, and me? I’m the one in the picture with Christie MacFish. I’m a platinum angel with a bent fin. I like to hang in the background. I’m bigger than everybody else so I guess sometimes I look kind of goofy. But all I want to do is hang out, play my drums. And blog on my iFish.


So that’s my band. Fleetfish Mac. Named after me, Mick Fleetfish, and John MacFish.


Thanks, Sam, for letting me be a guest blogger. Maybe someday soon we can hang out in person. Or whatever, dude.


Fleetfish Mac owns p.m.terrell, a suspense/thriller author who is currently writing a story about a woman who raises angelfish—but who is really a CIA spy. Art imitating life? Check her out at

9 thoughts on “Introducing Sam’s Buds “Fleetfish Mac” !

    • My Mom loves Fleetwood Mac too……obviously my Auntie Trish is a fan as well since she named her fish after them! Thanks for stopping by to read the blog today…….BIG CAT HUGS!



  1. Thanks for your comments! And thank you, Pam and Sam, for letting Mick be your guest blogger today. Yep, I even name my fish. I also have two bettas named Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. And I turned my fireplace into a fish tank, so the tetras in that tank are called The Hole in the Wall Gang. But the Crown Jewels are Fleetfish Mac.


    • Very happy to have you and your cool fish as our guest bloggers today Trish! Your aquariums are gorgeous as are the occupants! Such a fun blog and indeed a departure from your awesome thriller/suspense novels. Thanks again for visiting us……..

      Pam and Sam


    • Hi Miss Karen….thanks for stopping by to see Trish’s fish AND handsome ME of course! If I was a fish – and I much prefer being a spoiled cat – I would want to be a BIG fish too…..shark or whale or something scary so other sea creatures would STAY AWAY from me!!

      Stop by and visit me any time!
      Sammy, One Spoiled Fish-Friendly Cat !


  2. Karen, I imagine you DO want to be a fish right now! I’m amazed you took time out to look at blogs. I’ve been thinking about you all week and wondering if your home was under water in Minot. God bless you!
    If I was a fish, I think I’d want to be a dolphin. Each time I think of one, I remember that theme song to “Flipper” …


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