TGIF (thank goodness I’m feline!)

It's good to be me......

What a's GOOD to be me!

This morning as I was calling “MA MA MA MA” on the landing outside my parents’ bedroom (quietly enough to wake HER and not Daddy of course!), I was thinking how LUCKY I am to be a cat.

Maybe I should say lucky to be a cat living HERE.  Lots of cats don’t have it so good – this I know – but I am having the time of my life.  I have my parents trained quite well after eleven years of hard work.  They can read my body language and I can read theirs; I’ve learned to speak their language just enough to be cute (MaMa, OUT!) and get fed regularly with my favorite stuff.  Then of course there’s quality nap locations like the sofa, Mom’s legs, window perches, sunny stairs, beds, quilts, pillows, corners, under chairs – the list goes ON AND ON AND ON. 

The only things I’m not too crazy about is noisy dogs, foxes, going to the vet, riding in cars, and…..and…..well, I guess that’s about it!

Just a few thoughts whirling around my head early this morning.  It’s good to be ME.  I hope you feel like it’s good to be YOU too?!

Sammy, One Spoiled Cat  🙂

p.s.  I forgot about my “race cars” – I’m lucky to have parents who indulge me with my hobby of race car driving…..tee hee

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  1. I must agree with you, Sam. You are one lucky feline to have the Kimmell household at you beck and call. But they get just as much out of doing those things for you as you derive from them doing it.

    Hope you have a wonderful day.


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