Sam Loves Laundry Day!


There’s just something TOO TEMPTING about laundry day and that laundry basket of Mom’s.  Once that basket comes out of the closet and goes onto the bed while Mom gathers all the laundry up, well, that’s my cue to hop in and wait for her to find me there.  I know that soon she’ll be picking up the basket to take downstairs to the laundry room – with me inside under or on top of the laundry……it’s a game we play!  But I’ve ALWAYS liked to take a ride…….a laundry basket or a box – doesn’t matter what – I’m UP for it!!

When the laundry is done, Mom puts all that nice warm stuff back in the basket and I follow her upstairs – she puts the basket on the bed while she unloads and I’m right there!  As soon as it’s empty I know we can play the BEST part of the laundry basket game.  She loops a long ribbon through the laundry basket handle and then she will do what she knows I LOVE which is pull me around upstairs on the carpet in the basket!!  WHEEEEEEE!!!! 

Almost as good as that is an empty box.  I first discovered how cool a box is as a “racecar” on my first Christmas here.  For fun, Dad put a ribbon from a present through a hole in a box and I hopped in and he pulled me ALLLLLL over the house.  That was enough for me – I’m now 11 years old and STILL love to pretend I’m a race car driver in an empty box or laundry basket.  Mom has tried to get a picture of me in my “race cars” but I’m too smart for her – I always hop out just as she’s getting ready to snap me.  Too embarrassing I guess.  When I grow up (IF I ever do) I wanna be a race car driver just like Mario Andretti.  VROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM!

Hey! Get these presents out of the box so I can have it for a racecar!

Hey! Get these presents out of this box so I can have it for a race car!!

Happy Thursday Everybody! 

Sammy, One Spoiled Racecar Driver (I mean…CAT!!)

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  1. It’s all on account of how you look at thing, Sam. Young kids figured it out long ago, that sometimes the package the presents came in are much cooler than the present itself.

    I can just see Mom and Dad dragging you around and giving you a free ride downstairs. You sure have those two trained.

    I have a lot of room to talk, my Zoe has my number also.


  2. HA! Zoe told me (you didn’t know but she’s sometimes on the computer when you’re snoring away at night!!!) that she’s got you figured out….just like me and my Mom and Dad. You know of course that we try our whole lives NOT to let you humans figure us out!!! Just when you think you do – you have to wonder all over again!!! HAHA

    I hope you and Zoe have a super day Uncle Jerry……and now I’m off to find that laundry basket/racecar of mine.



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