Sam’s Rainy Day Activities


Raining…..lots of it… sounds nice up in Mom’s studio on the skylight, it looks nice out the windows making nice muddy puddles for me to play in later when the rain stops…..but it also IS keeping me from going outside to play!  Oh well…..I do have lots of stuff I can do inside.  I can pester Mom while she’s writing or painting, I can drag out some toys to play with from my toy box/wagon, I could patrol the house in case a bug has sneaked in when the door was open………..or I could always NAP! 

Mom was looking through some old photos this morning and found this one which I think is kinda funny.  Me one Christmas with a toy I thought was pretty cool (apparently).  I think I remember seeing it the other day when I was doing inventory in my toy box. 

Hmm...this thing has a cool fuzzy tail...kinda tickles my nose!

Hmm...this thing has a fuzzy tail that tickles my nose!!

HA!  Anyway, seems like I shouldn’t be complaining just cause it’s raining.   One thing about us cats…..we can keep ourselves entertained for hours on end.   Yesterday there was a baseball game on TV.  I don’t normally waste my valuable time watching that TV thing but I enjoy baseball and football.  My parents can’t figure that out but for me, it’s got something to do with balls flying through the air and people running around.   Fun to watch!  Humans sure do have to go through a lot of trouble just to have fun……

I’m glad I’m a cat…….oh yeah…..not just any old cat….I like being ONE SPOILED CAT!


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  1. Ah, you’re a sports nut, are ya? I think I can understand about that because of all the movement on the television. I have asked your Mom to send us some of that rain, and she said she would see about it. Nudge her a little, you know, in case she forgets. Humans forget things, I don’t think cats do. Unless it is in their best interest. Haha

    Isn’t that strange at what we, well cats, find to amuse themselves? just a simple feather that you can push around the room with you nose will entertain for days. Oh, I know you have lots and lots of toys, but I bet the simple things get plenty of attention also.

    Rain. Sam. Nudge-nudge.


  2. Guess what Uncle Jerry! Mom pulled some strings (whatever THAT means) and managed to get a chance of showers and thunderstorms in your weather forecast starting tomorrow FOR THE WHOLE WEEK! Yep… she says….I believe everything my Mom says (at least SHE thinks I do).

    My most favorite toys are the things that weren’t bought in a store or that Santa Claus didn’t bring me. I have a nice collection of string and ribbons I’ve stolen – I mean borrowed………and I have wads of paper Mom and Dad THOUGHT they had thrown in the trashcan……..and I used to have a couple of ballpoint pens and a pencil until Mom found where I’d hidden them and took them back. Killjoy.

    Anyway, look for that rain starting tomorrow……!!!!!! Mommy says so.



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