Sam’s Cool Thursday Thoughts


Boy oh boy is it hot outside already this morning.  Mom opened the door and reached down to put my harness on and I just baaaaaaacked away and looked at her like she was nuts.  It just should NOT be almost 90 degrees at 4:45AM ! 

First of all I came upstairs and woke her up a little bit early this morning….well, usually I’m right on time at 5AM quietly calling her just loud enough NOT to wake up Daddy.  This morning, I pushed my luck and decided to go for an earlier cat-call.  She was not amused but got up anyway and made coffee then we TRIED to go outside.  I figure why should I go out in that heat when I have this nice, cool, comfy house I can stay in?  I didn’t know it was going to be so awful out there although it was up to 100 yesterday afternoon and I only went out for a few brief visits to the shady, cool concrete, front porch. 

Makes me think about how lucky I am really.  There are lots of homeless animals who just wander around hoping someone helps them with a drink of water or a bit of food….and those in shelters who hope someone will see them and fall in love with them (like my Mom and Dad with me) and take them home to take care of them. 

Anyway, I’m probably going to stay inside and just LOOK outside today.  We have lots of windows and I can keep an eye on things from the comfort of my many perches and favorite spots – IN THE AIR-CONDITIONING! 

Keepin' Cool INSIDE!

Keepin' Cool INSIDE!

Sammy, One Spoiled (and COOL) Cat!

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  1. This is Zoe talking, never mind being one spoiled cat, Sam, you are also one smart cat. Those humans sometimes don’t really use their best judgment. Glad you backed away from the sweater.

    Although the old guy I live with and love didn’t get me from one of those shelters I’m grateful that he showed up that day and took me home with him. Nobody wanted me and they made me stay outside in the back yard all the time and I’m a house dog.

    The old guy and I get along wonderfully, although I am sensing something in the air, something that may disrupt things around her in the next few days. We furry creatures can sense those things, but you know what I’m talking about, huh?


  2. Hi Zoe….yep I do know what you’re talking about. We sense stuff cuz most of us have a bit of the psychic (not PSYCHO!) talent I think. I’m glad I have it – I can go hide if I think something I’m not gonna like is about to happen………haha I know your Dad is happy he has you – he needs someone to look out for him too and you are doing a GREAT job of that!

    Stay cool……….I’m gonna!!
    Sammy, One Very Cool and Spoiled Cat (and proud of it)


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