Sam’s Morning Cruise


Good Morning Gang! Hey, I’m feeling pretty darned chipper this morning. Mom and I had a nice cruise around the yard in the semi-darkness and cool morning air. I of course had my harness and leash on (my Mom says “let’s put on your sweater!” when she puts my harness on….HAHA)…….and we had just been outside for around five minutes when I spotted a VERY unusual looking cat in our yard!  Wasn’t one of the frequent visitors like my semi-girlfriend “Stevie” or that nasty gray and white cat from next door….this was someone new.  I was most curious to get closer but Mom said NO WAY.  Why?  Because she said the unusual black creature with the white stripe down its back was NOT a cat.  It was something called a skunk.  Not sure what a skunk is but Mom says we don’t mess with them and we stay AWAAAAAAAY from them!  The skunk thing saw us too and we all stopped where we were and stared at each other for a bit – then the skunk thing ran off. 

Mom says seeing the skunk around her gardens might just be the answer to who has been munching on her flowers!  We know it’s not the deer because she sprays some stuff on the flowers that has kept the deer away…….but Mom says nobody makes a skunk spray (in fact, she said skunks do their OWN kind of spraying!!). 

Anyway, that was this morning’s excitement…..after that, I guess the rest of the day will be boring……then again, that just means more NAP TIME!  Nothing wrong with that!

Where'd that funny looking black and white cat go????

Where'd that funny looking black and white cat go????

See you guys tomorrow morning!  Same time – same place!

Sammy, One Spoiled Cat (wondering where that skunk thing is)

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  1. Lucky you that Mom was there to hold you back. Awful smelling stuff skunks spray around when upset.

    Cutting this short, Uncle Jerry isn’t feeling too good this morning. Ask Mom, she knows what’s wrong.


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