Sam the Household Manager


It’s not easy being me….I have a LOT of responsibilities in this house believe me.  Keeping everything operating the way I want it to operate is pretty much a full-time job. 

I have to keep one eye on the clock at all times.  At precisely 5AM I wake up Mom every day and supervise the selection of my breakfast preparation…..the minute I’ve checked out what’s in the dish, I tell her it’s time to take me out on my leash for our first cruise through the yard – I know that breakfast dish will be waiting for me when we get back inside!  I have specific spots in the yard I have to check – the two cats next door need to be reminded constantly whose yard THIS is so I “mark” the trees along the property line every morning.  The rest of the day I circulate around the house to my various perches and make sure things are as they should be outside in my yard.  If I spy something that doesn’t belong there (like those darn cats) I run to get Mom and tell her in no uncertain terms that something is amiss.  Later in the day I sit at the front door and watch for the mailman.  As soon as he puts mail in our box I run and tell Dad since he likes to get the mail. 

I also tell Mom every single time I use my litter box.  Yep….I’m all for flushing as soon as I’ve used it.  Cleanliness is next to Catliness you know!  I make sure she takes care of “it” immediately or I’ll pester her to death.  Hey – I’d clean it myself if I could! 

Anyway, you can see that living here is a very busy life.  Still I wouldn’t trade it for anything.  Mom and Dad love me and I love them and we look out for each other.  That’s why I don’t mind one bit being House Guardian and Household Manager. 

It’s a tough job…….but SOMEONE has to do it!

Happy Sunday from Sammy, One Spoiled Cat

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    • It’s not easy being me but I DO love my job! Thanks for subscribing to my blog Miss Ann…..I know Mom knows you and she’s told me that you write wonderful poetry and are a very talented lady. Too bad you live in Florida and not here in Virginia….if you were closer you could come over and admire my skill at Household Management!! HAHA

      Happy Sunday from Sam, One Spoiled (and lovin’ it) Cat


  1. Hey Sammy! This is Zoe, Uncle Jerry’s manager. I quite understand the very important role you are playing in the Kimmell household, and while I only have one human to have to “manage,” let me tell you it isn’t easy.

    My human is an old crotchy guy who sits in front of his computer day in and day out, and if I didn’t pester and remind him that things really NEED to be taken care of I do believe he would just sleep at that infernal machine. Which would actually be fine with me, but I don’t think it would be all that good for his health.

    So I remind him when I’m hungry and when I need to go outside. I’m a dog, Sam, and dogs don’t use liter boxes (phew!), and you think that back and front yard is a job to keep your scent sprayed around try walking around a couple of block. I’m telling you, I have so many places to “mark” that by the time I get back home I’m almost dehydrated.

    So, yeah, I understand where you’re coming from, Sam (I never thought I would be conversing with a cat), and just wanted you to know I understand your job and how important it is.



    • Hi Zoe! I’m glad you snuck on your Dad’s computer to read my blog this morning. You most certainly DO have your work cut out for you around the Bolton Hovel. Getting Dad up and going in the morning alone is a chore isn’t it?! He doesn’t like giving up that couch of his until the last possible second! We animals have our hands full keeping these humans in line – but I wouldn’t trade my job for the world and I betcha you wouldn’t either!

      Happy Sunday to you AND your Daddy!
      Sam, One Spoiled (woo hoo!) Cat


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