Who Needs Cat Toys?

Who needs fancy cat toys when people leave such FUN things on the floor for me to play with???

Who needs fancy cat toys when people leave such FUN things on the floor for me to play with???

 Wanna know what I think of store-bought cat toys?  I say “Pooey!”….yep, through my eleven years here with Mom and Dad, some of my favorite toys have been things I’ve “found” around the house.  Christmas time is my favorite with all those ribbons, bows, tissue paper and empty boxes.  But I like wads of paper, string, shoelaces, feathers, and two of my MOST favorite things are Daddy’s wooden backscratcher and a plastic straw Mom gave me to play with.  Crazy huh?  Daddy’s not too crazy about me stealing borrowing his backscratcher – he keeps it by his chair in the family room and I can reach it when he’s not around and drag it off to the most interesting places! 

When I was little, I used to love for Mom or Dad to throw something – usually a ball of paper – way far and I’d run and fetch it and bring it back so they could throw it again.  We could do that for a long time before I’d get bored.  I know lots of cats fetch just like dogs do……I still do that once in a while – just to let Mom and Dad know I still “get it” !! 

Anyway, I have store-bought cat toys people have given me in several toy boxes around the house but I hardly ever play with them anymore.  I much prefer a nice warm Mommy-lap-nap to running around getting all sweaty playing with toys.  Well……with the exception of that backscratcher and the straw of course……….!

Happy Saturday from Sam, One Spoiled Cat


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  1. I have a wooden back scratcher, Sam, if you’re ever down here you can play with. Zoe is the A-1 throw and fetch kinda dog. She loves to play it with her ball and cloth rope. I’m going to take the cloth rope with her next week when I have to board her up so she’s have something from hope to feel secure about.

    Have a lazy-in-mama-lap kinda day, buddy.


  2. Good idea to let Zoe have something from home to keep her company overnight at the kennel Uncle Jerry! Zoe’s lucky to have such a super Daddy like you taking care of her.

    Happy Saturday! Sammy the Spoiled Cat


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