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Sun At Last!


Yippeee!  Finally we have a sunny day…’s even supposed to get up around 80 degrees too – the only fly in the ointment is that Mom and Dad are going into Warrenton today to the annual Spring Festival so they won’t be here to take me OUTSIDE until they get home.  Guess I’ll just have to be patient – when you live with humans you learn that it’s all about being patient! 

I have no complaints though really.  I’m a lucky boy.  I get to do what I want to do, eat what I want to eat, play with my toys or play games with my parents – WHATEVER I want.  Once a year I have to put up with being forced (kicking and screaming) to visit the vet for my physical…..that’s not fun but even then I’ve learned if I just be PATIENT, just lie nice and still and let them do whatever they need to do, I’m out of there pretty quick and on my way home.  I like my doctor and the assistants all think I’m cute and make a big deal about my extra toes (haha) and they cuddle me a lot while I’m getting poked and prodded.  I think next month is time for my visit……oh yeah – that means shots!  Not crazy about those either.

That crummy old snake was back in the tree again by the garage yesterday……I guess he’s living there now.  He’s about six feet long and yesterday he was sunning himself all wrapped around the tree like a long black ribbon.  He’s a king snake so he’s harmless but that doesn’t mean I have to LIKE him!  Mom is upset that he’s “moved in”……I say as long as he’s OUT THERE and not IN HERE, we should just pretend he’s a Garage Guardian.  HAHA 

I’m off to find a sunny napping spot while Mom and Dad get ready to desert me for the morning.  I plan to ask them politely when they get home to TAKE ME OUT NOW!!!!!!  

Happy Saturday From Sam The Spoiled Cat…….

I Love My Yard!

I Love My Yard!

Snakes And Other Stuff!


Guess what…’s not raining this morning!  Mom and I didn’t have to use an umbrella and I didn’t have to get my paws soaking wet and while I didn’t see Freddie or any worms in puddles, I LOVED being out in the dark seeing the stars and moon “up there” !! 

Mom and I had some excitement yesterday afternoon.  We were by the end of the garage where there are two alberta spruce trees on the sides of the garage door… looked like a stick poking out of one of the bushes so I stopped and stared at it and Mom turned around to see it – poking WAY out of the top of the bush…..Mom started to pull it out (thinking the wind had blown it there) when the stick stuck out its’ tongue!!!  EEEEEEK!  Mommy screamed and I ran and she ran and got Dad to check it out – it was a three foot black snake wound up inside of the bush.  We left it there…..Mom spent the rest of the afternoon recovering…..she’s not a snake fan. 

Before I go and have breakfast, I wanted to show you one more friend of mine – I kinda have a crush on her…..she lives in Alabama though so too far away to “date” properly.  She lives with Mom’s friend Aunt JJ and her name is Miss Kitty.  I think she’s VERY pretty….don’t you???? 

Miss Kitty Takes a Snooze!

Miss Kitty Taking a Snooze!

Sam’s Friends in NC


Bah Humbug……before I show you another picture of some friends of mine in Lumberton, NC, I thought I’d just gripe a little about this crummy weather we’ve been having….rain, rain, rain, rain and more rain and thunder.   I can deal with the rain but the thunder…well…I have to admit I HATE it and it brings out the “fraidy cat” in me…….in fact, I hide under furniture or in dark corners until the thunder stops.  If it rains all day – I hide all day.  This morning I got to go outside with Mom for a little while anyway….rain hasn’t started yet!  So, I promise I’ll be way happier when the sun shines – soon I hope!

Now – back to my buds in NC… Mom’s friend Aunt Trish lives there and she has three dogs – all adopted just like I was!  This picture shows them in their super, duper “room” in the house – looks like they have it pretty good huh?  They are named Mattie, Simone and Eddie and when Aunt Trish adopted Eddie (the white colored guy at the bottom), he was recovering from a gunshot wound!  Isn’t that AWFUL?  How could that happen?  He’s fine now though and happy as can be.  We adopted kids sure have it made…….

Yum.....Chow Time!!!

Yum....Chow Time!!!

Sam’s Skunk Sighting


What an interesting morning Mom and I had while we were walking around the backyard in the dark earlier.  I had only been out for a few minutes when I just KNEW something was around in the yard that didn’t belong in the yard….well, you know what I mean!  I stopped walking and did my “paw alert”, pointing up by part of the garden and sure enough in a few seconds there appeared a dark blob moving quickly across the yard heading toward the woods!  We were quiet but it sensed us….was it a black cat (there is one in the neighborhood)?  Was it a dark colored groundhog (we’ve got those too)? …..then we saw it had a white spot on its head and on its tail….it was a “Lady Skunk” !!!!  It stopped – stuck its tail up in the air – looked right at us – then ran into the woods.  Thank heavens!  So that was the only excitement we encountered this morning.  Enough excitement I’d say!

Now, I want to tell you about another friend….her name is Zoe and she lives with my Mom’s friend Jerry in Thibodaux, Louisiana.  Jerry lost his other dog Nipper and missed having the company of a dog so he adopted Zoe from a lady who had an ad in the newspaper.  When she brought Zoe to Jerry’s house the first time and he saw her little pink tongue poking out of her fuzzy little face, it was love at first sight!  She’s quite a little ball of energy (he says).  I just think she’s kinda cute…… know – for a dog of course. 

Jerry's Best Friend Zoe

Jerry's Best Friend Zoe

Sam’s Cousin Toby


Hi All…..Sam here……first of all, I wish I could say that on my morning walk with Mom I saw my friend Freddie the Frog but unfortunately it was raining too hard to stay outside and cruise around the yard!  Even under Mom’s umbrella I was getting soaked and so was she so we both ran back inside and that was that!  I bet Freddie was inside his own house staying dry because it’s even too rainy for frogs today! 

I hope you all enjoyed seeing my Cousin Mollye’s picture yesterday and today I want to tell you about her brother, my Cousin Toby.  Toby is also a Shih Tzu like Mollye.  Mom has lots of pictures of Toby from when he was tiny like I was when I moved in with Mom and Dad, to now when he runs around with Mollye and gets into trouble.  Speaking of trouble, I decided the BEST picture of Toby is this one – he looks like he KNOWS he’s in trouble don’t you think?

Uh Oh...What Did I Do NOW????

Uh Oh...What Did I Do Now???

Toby is quite a character (so says my Aunt Carol) but then again Mom says I’m quite a character too!  So – what’s so bad about that???  Anyway, Toby takes good care of his adopted sister Mollye and that means he’s a GOOD GUY in my book. 

Tomorrow I’ll share another photo of yet another friend!  I’ve got lots of them…..LUCKY ME!

Sam’s Buddies

Mollye Jones - My Cousin!

Cousin Mollye's Funny Hairdo


OK……now before you wonder what the heck is going on in this photo, let me explain!  This is my Mom’s sister Carol’s little Shih Tzu Mollye.   Carol saw a picture of another dog with her ears braided and thought she’d try it out on my poor cousin Mollye.  Mollye is a very patient girl I can tell ya, because if my Mom tried this with me – well – let’s just say it wouldn’t be pretty (nor could she do it since my ear hair isn’t long like Mollye’s!!!). 

Anyway, Mollye is my cousin and I love her.  She was a rescue from a puppymill.  I think puppymills are horrible places and Mollye had been there for years before she was rescued and came to live with my Aunt Carol in West Virginia.  Mollye is now living a wonderful life with her little brother Toby and Aunt Carol.  They have a nice house in the mountains with a fenced yard and lots of places to go for walks and sniff things and chase each other and play.  Toby is a Shih Tzu too and he and Mollye are best friends.  Toby was very patient with Mollye at first because she didn’t know how to play with toys or do anything but just be afraid……Toby soon “taught” Mollye about toys and chasing things and going for walks.  Now you’d never know what a bad life Mollye had before.  I’ll show you a picture of Toby tomorrow!!!  See ya later!!

Rain, Rain Go Away!


Gosh, another rainy morning.  I see lots of naps in my future for today……nothing wrong with naps, but I do miss going outside with Mom several times a day.  I guess we’ll have to stick to the front porch because while I don’t mind a light shower to walk around in, the hard stuff is no fun.  I have to spend a good half hour re-grooming myself after a rainy walk.  I try to stick close to Mom’s legs so I can stay under her umbrella, but that doesn’t always work out so well.  Sigh………..

There are a couple of great things about rain though.  One of them is all the puddles.  I love puddles.  I go out of my way to walk right through them.  Sometimes right in the middle of a puddle there are a couple of squirmy worms I can poke.  I guess THEY like the puddles too. 

The only other excitement we had this morning on our walk around the yard was that we saw some deer down in the woods.  I alerted Mom to them because I could hear them moving around before Mom could.  Mom says I act like a dog when I hear a sound – I stop, stand at attention with one paw out in front pointing to the danger……until Mom acknowledges my warning.  Anyway, I did my pointing thing and she looked down in the woods and could see four deer moving down by the stream.  I couldn’t see them because I’m too little but SHE told me she saw them.  I often see them up by our bird feeders though……they like sunflower seeds and they steal them from the squirrel-proof feeders Mom has…..funny but I guess nobody’s invented a deer-proof feeder huh????

Well, as I said, it’s a rainy old day – perfect for napping – so I guess I’ll go find a spot, curl up, and hope for a break in the rain.  Just think of all the puddles there will be when it stops!!!!  Yippeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Me Having A Post-Puddle-Poking Nap!

Ahhh...Having my post-puddle nap!

Sam’s Frog Fun


Wow…whatta morning!  Rained all night and I knew what that meant……the frogs would be out the next morning when Mom and I did our pre-dawn walk around the yard.  And, I was right too because there were two frogs on the driveway and one big fat one on my sidewalk.  So what’s the deal about frogs?  Well, I think they are just plain fascinating.  I love when they hop.  It’s like having a little wind-up toy (by the way I love those too).  If they stop hopping, I carefully give them a little shove to get them to hop some more.  My Mom laughs at me when I do that.  I’ve never hurt a frog and never would…..I just like to follow them when they hop!!  If my frog friend begins to go to the left or right of the path, I just use either my right or left paw to “guide” them back to the straight and narrow.  I guess you might say I’m a FROG HERDER at heart. 

Eventually I stop “pushing” and off the frog goes to wherever he was headed before I wanted to play.   I think the big fat frog on the sidewalk must live very close by.  I see him whenever it rains.  I’ve named him “Freddy” – my favorite frog.

Even though the rain brings out a lot of frogs, I also know that rain means no sunny patches to lie in today for nap time.  Oh well….I always find a nice spot to nap anyway – rainy days are good for frogs AND naps!

Mom's Leg Makes a Great Pillow!

Sam's Nap Time

Sunny Fun

Sunbathing with My Cat Toy
Loving the Sun!

Ahhhh….sunny staircase – just me and my stuffed cat toy, loving life.  I know all cats enjoy catching some rays whether it’s inside the house or outside the house.  I prefer sunning in the safety of my home sweet home.  I know JUST where to be to catch the sun at any time of day…..up on the guest room bed, on the back of the sofa in the living room, on the rug in the library, here on the stairs – after all these years chasing the sun, I know these things! 

Mom says ALL cats like sunny patches.  Wanna know why?  Well, I think in my case, the warmth feels good on my arthritis (!), but I also know that when I’m in the sun, my red and white coat looks shiny and oh so very handsome……I’m a babe magnet (Mom says that all the time even though I have no idea what it means). 
When Mom and I are sitting on the front porch together she sits in the shade because she’s not supposed to get sun on her skin.  I lie down in a sunny spot near her and stretch out so the sun can get on my belly and back…..but I keep one paw touching Mom’s foot.  Just so she knows that I’m there and watching out for her. 
I may love the sun, BUT I also love the shade…..I have a bunch of favorite spots in the garden – like under the dwarf Japanese maple tree….it’s JUST MY SIZE and I can lie down under there and spy on the birds, the squirrels, the chipmunks and of course any humans that may wander by.  If it’s my Mom who wanders by, I’ll fly out from under my hidey hole and grab her ankle!  FUN FUN FUN! 
I have to admit………I’m one lucky guy……….life is GOOD.

Life On A Leash

Awww...My Baby Picture!

Little Me

When I first came to live with Mom and Dad I had no idea that they intended to attach a “string” to me to keep me from wandering off.  I thought I’d continue being the wild child that I had learned to be when living under an old house on my own before the BIG MAN from the shelter came to capture me and take me away.  Well, considering what could have happened to me all on my own like I was, I suppose I was glad he’d rescued me and brought me to a safe place, but I wasn’t too crazy about it – believe me!  That is until my parents adopted me and brought me home.  Back to the “string” thing though……my parents had a cat before me that was ALMOST caught by some foxes in their back yard so they decided when they brought ME home, that I would only go outside with them, and only if I was on a string (they called it a leash).  I was too little for a regular cat harness so Mom bought a harness that was made for (gasp) a ferret at the pet store!  HAHA  I went along with it – even though I couldn’t wander like I wanted to.  Still, Mom and Dad were cool – they let me explore and sniff and dig and would even let go of my leash and let me run as long as they were there to watch over me.  Way cool. 
As time went on (and my harnesses got larger), they decided to let me explore the yard without the leash and harness as long as it was daylight and one of them was with me at all times.  That was better.  They had this cool path down into the woods and I stayed close to my Mom or Dad like a good little guy so I got to REALLY explore and discover the wonderful world of dirt.  I had a favorite spot – it was a high place where a big pile of dirt had been put when they were building our house.  I’d sit up there and watch the birds and squirrels.  When Mom or Dad said “let’s go back in the house Sam” I’d mind them and run like the wind to the basement door.  If it was dark outside, I ALWAYS, ALWAYS wore my leash so I’d be safe and if Mom or Dad saw a “night creature” like a skunk, fox, or another cat out prowling, I was right there by their side and they could pick me up and into the house we’d go! 
So, while other cats in our neighborhood might not wear a leash and wander wherever they want to go, I know that some of them have “disappeared” and me and my Mom and Dad wonder if they got lost, or if something BAD happened to them.  I just know that I’m safe…….so who cares if I have a string attached to me once in a while?   I’m still the King of the Yard!