Cats Love Laps!

Lap Naps Are GREAT!
Lap Naps Are GREAT!

So here I am – at a very early age – learning the fine art of lap-napping as ALL cats eventually learn.  I didn’t quite have my positioning right, but Dad didn’t mind.  I just kind of slid down from lying across his waist but he was just happy to have me there in his recliner no matter what!  Anyway, we cats are truly MASTERS of the fine art of napping.  I can find some really great spots to catch a nap.  I have some window perches Mom and Dad put in some of the windows that are great, but I also like falling asleep in the sunshine on a bed or the couch and now that I’m “a cat of a certain age” I have been known to nod off out on the front porch while Mom’s sitting in the rocker keeping an eye on me. 

Mom’s got a lot of pictures of me napping – why?  Maybe because I do a lot of that around here….but that’s just because I am so happy to be part of my family and feel so relaxed that I frequently nod off.  It takes a lot of energy to be a cat….so we have to recharge our batteries more frequently than humans do.  As soon as I wake up from a good nap, I stretch my legs, give a BIG yawn, and run off to find some mischief to get into.   Life is great – especially after a good nap. 

Hey....hand me my sleep mask will ya?

Hey....hand me my sleep mask will ya?



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  1. Hi Sam, that is a soothing feeling for us humans also, when you felines crawl up in our laps and start to purr as you sleep. Sometimes you knead our leg with those sharp claws of you, and THAT doesn’t feel so good.

    My Zoe is not a lap dog. She hardly ever hops in my lap and if she does she doesn’t stay long before she hops down. Too much energy I think.

    Here is a poem I wrote about her yesterday. Read it to mommy.


    Her name is Zoe, she’s the best
    Wakes up every morning with zest.
    I love her; she puts up with me,
    Even days I wash her and dry.

    The Nipperdawg was hurting so,
    Had to put him down; a big blow.
    No dog could ever be like him,
    What a sad, sad day, it was grim.

    But I’ve always lived with a mutt,
    I found Zoe and she had strut.
    She didn’t take Nipperdawg’s place,
    But she had the prettiest face.

    She’s as different as she can be,
    She don’t lift her leg on a tree.
    Zoe’s not like Nipperdawg; no,
    She has her own way, what a glow.

    I’m glad I found my little friend,
    She’ll be with me until the end.
    I talk to her, she cocks her head,
    She’s so cute a tear I could shed.

    ©May 28, 2011 / Jerry Pat Bolton


  2. Hi Uncle Jerry…..Mom read that poem to me – I like it a lot! Mom says you and Zoe are best buddies just like Mom and I are and I’m so glad you and Zoe found each other. Every dog (and cat) needs a pet human! I remember Nipper too and I remember how hard it was for you when his time came to go to the Rainbow Bridge. I hope you and Zoe have a nice Sunday together – just like best buddies should!

    Sammy, One Spoiled Cat


  3. The least those humans could do is turn out the lights for know? Would you believe I have to meow TWICE before I get my food? I’m not lyin’ either. Still…all in all, they’re pretty nice, for humans, and make great pillows, am I right? I just LOVE the poem…don’t you? It’s fun living with writers, am I right, AGAIN? Wait, I’m always right…bawwwhahaha…ahem.



    • Hey Miss Kitty! I’ve missed you…..I hope you’re keeping Miss JJ happy and vice versa? Mom and I have been hoping that you all are getting things back to “normal” down there after your horrible tornado. I’m glad you understood my blog about napping – I KNEW you would….we kitties are EXPERTS in the fine art of finding the perfect spot to relax! Tell your Mom to write to MY Mom and let her know how you guys are will ya?

      Happy Memorial Day Miss Kitty
      Sammy, One Spoiled Cat


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