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Oh boy oh boy oh boy……who says having extra toes on my front paws was a “weird” thing?  Just makes typing on Mom’s keyboard that much easier!  Well, she’s off taking a shower and I’m here saying hello and welcome to my world.  My world is pretty darn swell.  I tell my Mom when I want ANYTHING and she makes it happen.  Spoiled?  Yep…..isn’t that the way it’s supposed to be?  I made myself a HUGE part of this family from the day they brought me home from the shelter and I like it like that.  I have the run of the place – inside and out.  I intend to use my blog to talk about what’s going on with me, what I think about things in general – like the cool things I find out by spying on my Mom and Dad – and anything else that I think you humans should know.   Mom doesn’t know it, but I know how to upload pictures too so you can expect some pictures of the most gorgeous guy in town – ME!  

I hope you have fun seeing life through the eyes of an 11-year old guy with real cattitude….Who’s that?  Why me of course.

About onespoiledcat

We are Angel Sammy and Teddy......! Two ginger cats - one left for the Rainbow Bridge in December of 2016 (but still keeps in touch...) and the other in the "here and now" having lots of fun. Join us as we try to bring smiles to everyone around us with our blog.

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    • Oh goodie! I know you too Miss Ann….yep – you write super duper poetry….Mom has read me some of them – still waiting for an “Ode To Sam” ! Mom might have had a little something to do with me starting a blog…..but I think blogging will be the extent of my writing adventures. I’m too busy napping to write much. Priorities, priorities!!


    • Hi Miss Dana! I know you! You and a bunch of other ladies wrote a book together right? Mom always shows me pictures of your dogs when you post them….if I were a dog (thank heavens I’m not though) I’d want to be as adorable as they are.


  1. Dear Sammy,
    It’s me…Miss Kitty. Mom told me about your blog and I got so excited I almost dropped the piece of sausage I stole from the kitchen. Whatttt? Oh sure, like you don’t kick a snack here and there? AnyHOO…I look forward to conversing with ya, Hun. You have extra toes? Just how cool is that?! Me? I don’t have anything extra, well…unless you count this piece of sausage! Bawwhahaha…oh crap! Gotta run, here’s comes her Majesty, Queen of Dust. See ya! MK


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  3. Aw….Sammy! I’m so glad you posted the link to this first post. Wow – look at what a low number of comments you had back then. Yes, you HAVE come a long way!
    Love, Sundae


  4. We had to pop by n reed yer ferst bloggie here…me n Mum were still on Multeeply goin nowhere quick n neber eemagined we wuud end up here meetin such pawsum 4 leggedz n der Hu’manz…we haz come along way BABY!!
    Lub Nylablue n Sherriellen Mum too xoxoxo


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  6. Hello Angel Sammy and Teddy! Its Scouts Aspen, Willow, Mango, and Tigger plus our own Angel Maple.Maple became an Angel too early.She was only just turned the young age of 2.It still hurts Mom to speak of her! Maple had such a large Kidney Tumor it pushed against hercesophagus making it impossible for her to get any food


    • Hi Ladies! I’m sorry about Angel Maple. Bad things happen to good kitties I’m afraid. We’ve sure known a lot of kitties who went to the Bridge well before their time. Angel Sammy had a nice long life though – I just wish I could have met him.

      Hugs, Teddy


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  8. Our first post was kind of like yours, Sammy! But wow, how things have changed for both our blogging furmilies, and the whole load of our blogging pals:)


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