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Daddy’s Flying (no he’s not a bird)


It’s gonna be another hot one today….even with the heat, Dad just left for the airport to give his airplane a bath.  Yep.  Seems even airplanes have to go through that procedure at least once a year.  Better the plane than me is what I say!   I’ll probably lounge around on the front porch in the shade with Mom a time or two but I just might stay INSIDE in the cool today.  Like Mom says, it’s nice to be retired!!

Two people found me in that picture Mom and I posted in my blog yesterday – – good for you two!  Here’s a highlighted (I’m the STAR!) area of that photo so you can see where I was hiding out….

See me?  I'm pretty tiny but I'm there!

See me? I'm pretty tiny but I'm there!

I guess it’s still hard to see me but close to the center you can see me – looking to my right, white neck/chest and in the picture I look dark orange or light brownish (although I’m a RED tabby!)….got my eye on a chipmunk I bet!

This morning my girlfriend Stevie showed up for a handout.  We hadn’t seen her for three or four days but I know she has other spots she visits AND a home somewhere.  Mom gave her some fresh water and food….she munched down, drank some water, then off she went.  I wonder what it would be like to just roam around anywhere I want to…..but then again since I’m a nervous kind of guy, I prefer staying close to home with my parents.  When I was a little guy – maybe one year old – Mom let me wander down into the woods by myself….just because she wanted me to know how good I had it in my nice comfy house!  Well, it wasn’t long before I was running back to the back yard and up to the back door and crying to come inside……!!   Scaredy-cat?  Maybe….but at least I know that by sticking close to home, I won’t become some other animal’s meal as many around here have.  No sireeeeeee…….I’m happy to be a “house cat” ! 

Sam, One Spoiled HOUSECAT!

Hot, Steamy Monday


It’s ALWAYS hot on Memorial Day…..just seems like every year by now it’s pretty darn icky outside.  SO, I plan to just hang out with Mom on the front porch OR inside where it’s nice and cool and comfy.  The front porch is cement and that seems to stay nice and cool.  If my tummy is all spread out on the cement, it keeps the REST of me cool…… if I had a pool, I could hang out by the pool I guess like the little boys next door.  I was watching them yesterday – they have a little blow up pool and were having a lot of fun jumping in and out of it.  I asked Mom if I could have my OWN pool too but she reminded me that the one and only time I ever had a bath (when she and Dad brought me home from the shelter) I totally HATED getting wet.  Hmm….well, I’d like to think I’ve learned to appreciate water by the ripe old age of eleven BUT maybe just walking through the wet grass after a rain shower is close enough????

Anyway, I’ll also hang out around the garden today – it stays nice and cool back in the shade of the back yard.  Speaking of that, here’s a test….see if you can find ME in this picture???  I’m there……admiring the blossoms on the flowers. 


Test your eyes!  Look carefully - I'm there!

Test your eyes! Look carefully - I'm there!


HA!  You can just barely see me…this photo is a little blurry but I’m there!

Cats Love Laps!

Lap Naps Are GREAT!
Lap Naps Are GREAT!

So here I am – at a very early age – learning the fine art of lap-napping as ALL cats eventually learn.  I didn’t quite have my positioning right, but Dad didn’t mind.  I just kind of slid down from lying across his waist but he was just happy to have me there in his recliner no matter what!  Anyway, we cats are truly MASTERS of the fine art of napping.  I can find some really great spots to catch a nap.  I have some window perches Mom and Dad put in some of the windows that are great, but I also like falling asleep in the sunshine on a bed or the couch and now that I’m “a cat of a certain age” I have been known to nod off out on the front porch while Mom’s sitting in the rocker keeping an eye on me. 

Mom’s got a lot of pictures of me napping – why?  Maybe because I do a lot of that around here….but that’s just because I am so happy to be part of my family and feel so relaxed that I frequently nod off.  It takes a lot of energy to be a cat….so we have to recharge our batteries more frequently than humans do.  As soon as I wake up from a good nap, I stretch my legs, give a BIG yawn, and run off to find some mischief to get into.   Life is great – especially after a good nap. 

Hey....hand me my sleep mask will ya?

Hey....hand me my sleep mask will ya?



Sam’s Memorial Weekend


Ahhh…Saturday morning….Mom and I had a nice cruise around the yard early in the cool of the day – sure was nice!  I ate some grass, chased a couple of moths, then rested with her on the front porch for a little bit before Dad found us out there and joined us with his cuppa coffee.  Anyway, here we are listening to all the traffic out on the highway…people going somewhere for the holiday weekend or going into Washington, DC to various activities for the holiday.  We’re staying home! 

About Memorial Day…..I never met my Mom’s Dad but he was an Air Force officer and Mom says he loved being in the service more than anything.  He liked being part of the armed forces and was very patriotic (big word but I know what it means!).  Mom used to go to National Cemetery on Memorial Day to put flowers on his grave and she said the sight of all those American flags at each and every grave of someone who had worn a uniform or served their country in someway was really something.  I bet it was.  We live too far away for Mom to visit these days.  But in honor of Memorial Day, Mom said we could post this picture of her on the day she married my Dad, with HER Dad taking her down the aisle.  It was the first time he’d worn his old uniform since he’d retired and it still fit him like a glove!  Happy Memorial Day Granddad – I never knew you but I’m proud of you because Mom sure is……

Mom With Her Dad In His Uniform

Mom With Her Dad In His Uniform

Sam’s Friday Thoughts….


What a day yesterday!  My Aunt Carol visited and after she left to go home back to West Virginia we saw on the news that there was a tornado warning right where she lives….we were all hoping that she’d gotten home to my Cousins Mollye and Toby (who hate storms like I do) and thank heavens she did.  They had huge hail and lots of scary wind but at least they were all three together and waited out the storm together.  NO TORNADO right there but bad wind, etc.  The weather has been so strange for everybody but some people have really had it so bad. 

Mom read me a story about a dog in Alabama who had survived the tornadoes down there but had been hurt badly – he was able to crawl back home with his broken legs to find his family after three weeks…..we love our families and our homes so much that we will find a way.   When the storms come and people take shelter, sometimes they can’t take us with them to safety so we are on our own.  It’s scary but we know sometimes we just aren’t all able to stay together but if we can, we will come home and if we can’t, we rely on the kindness of strangers.  We love YOU as much as you love US.

Anyway, that story about the dog just made me think – AGAIN – about how happy and lucky I am.  All of you humans who read my blog who have a pet in your lives – go give them a hug right this minute!  We love to be loved.  Honest we do!

Happy Friday from Sammy – One Spoiled (and loved) Cat

Aren't I Cute???

Aren't I Cute????

Sam’s Aunt Carol

Today I’m getting a visitor!  One of my favorite visitors….my Mom’s sister, Aunt Carol is stopping by on her way home from visiting her daughter in Richmond.  Aunt Carol is one of the only humans other than my Mom and Dad who I’ve allowed to see me and who I’ve played with.  I guess I just can tell she’s an animal lover and she speaks softly and doesn’t scare me like most other humans.  See, normally when the doorbell rings or I hear a strange voice in the house, I go hide in my “safe place” which is in the basement.  I’ll come back out and be my usual crazy self when I sense danger is gone.  Well, when Aunt Carol first came here I was just a baby – and she came down to my safe place and found my hiding spot and coaxed me out and talked to me…..I could tell from her voice she was “safe”… from that day I trusted her and I’ll come play with her on the stairs (our game is hide and seek!) when she visits us. 
Mom says it’s a big joke with people when she tells them about me – everyone calls me the invisible cat because they know I’m “around” but never see me!  Not with my Aunt Carol…..she KNOWS I’m real because she’s SEEN me…………..up close and personal. 
So she will be here around noon.  She and Mom are going out to lunch together so I guess I’ll just have to wait until its my turn to play with her.  Sigh….I guess I can’t ALWAYS be #1 around here!

Sammy Gets Brave….Sort Of


As you folks know who are following my blog (and I’m sure there are THOUSANDS of you……LOL) we have a neighborhood cat who almost always stops by our house once or twice a day.  She obviously lives somewhere close and she obviously is allowed to roam wherever she wishes, but she knows I live in this house on the hill and she likes to stop and say hi.  Well, I’m not trusting of other cats much – there were some who have come and gone who weren’t very nice to me so I kinda prefer my solitary existence just hanging out with Mom and Dad.  Dad calls the neighborhood “visitor” Stevie….why?  I dunno – he just does.  If I see Stevie in the window by the door looking inside the house I’ll go find Mom and tell her Stevie’s here.  Mom gives her a few of my treats (I’m happy to share!) and Stevie might hang out on the porch for a bit in one of the rockers then off she goes to visit someone else. 

Yesterday I did a very brave thing…..First of all, I have to say that if I’m outside and Stevie comes flying up the yard out of nowhere, I just lie down and be very still – she will sometimes come up and sniff me and I sniff her but we don’t play and as soon as I feel safe enough, I’ll run up to the door and ask to be let inside.  BUT yesterday, I saw Stevie on the porch, told Mom, Mom went outside and guess what – I WENT OUT TOO!  Yep – I actually went out there on purpose knowing Stevie was there – we touched noses, I went to lie down on one of the steps up to the porch and Stevie laid down on one of the rugs by the rocker and we stayed out there – together – for about ten minutes.  Now this may seem like a SMALL thing to you……but for me, it was huge.  Being a very shy guy I don’t seek out cat or people company.  Yesterday I did.  Mommy said she was proud of me. 

I was proud of me too!

Sam’s Tuesday Thoughts


Mom and I watched the news this morning and saw all the mess the tornado in Missouri caused….then there was a flood update on the river flooding down south….then another update on the people in Japan who are still digging themselves out.  Wow.  Just made me realize that when I complain because I can’t go outside in the rain – I’m still really a very lucky guy.

We had a tornado through HERE a few years ago.  I will never forget it either!  I knew it was close before my parents did – I think we animals “sense” stuff like danger better than humans do – anyway, I ran down into the basement and Mom and Dad followed me….we did like they tell you to do when a tornado is coming – they had the weather radio and we all sat and listened and knew it was just a few miles away.  It got very dark and the rain was pouring down like crazy.  The wind was really bad and the woods out back showed how high the wind was when the BIG tall oaks were bending way down……then there was a horrible noise – like a train – Dad looked out the window and saw the tornado – we were all so scared – and then a miracle happened.  The tornado hopped right over our house!  It really did…..the funnel cloud was huge but when it hit our hill it jumped up and over and went on through our neighborhood, tearing off siding and roofs and breaking windows!  Two 100 ft. oaks in our woods snapped off and we had kids pools, and lawn furniture and all kinds of debris blown into our yard but NO damage to our house. 

I’m sorry everyone else wasn’t as lucky.  I sure hope that’s the very last time I ever see a tornado though.  I’ll try to remember that next time I start to complain because it’s just raining outside…….

My Favorite Nap Spot!

My Favorite Nap Spot!

Sam’s Monday Morning Musings

When I complain about the rain, remind me of this!
When I complain about the rain, remind me of this!

So, I’m posting this picture of yours truly trudging through the “snow of February 2010” because I want to remind myself that things could be a lot worse than all this RAIN we’ve had!  Yep.  I like snow more than rain though because at least I’m not wet all over….just my feet, and as soon as I come inside I’m dandy.  Mom doesn’t have to rub me down with a towel like she does when I’ve been out in the rain……like TODAY for instance! 

I got to see my little chipmunk buddy a little while ago.  He lives under the porch stairs out front.  He likes the pot of flowers Mom has on the front porch….he steals petals from the pink flowers then runs back under the stairs.  Maybe he’s giving them to his girlfriend?  Maybe he’s making his bed nice and comfy?  When I was little I used to chase chipmunks – we have tons of them – nowadays I just like to watch them. 

Oh yeah… update on that black snake that we thought had moved into our tree?  Well!  We haven’t seen him for two days.  Maybe Dad’s attempt at “discouraging” him from staying around worked because we think he’s moved on.  I’m glad.  But not NEARLY as glad as Mom is! 

Hope you all have a happy Monday.  I’m off to finish up my breakfast.  

Sammy the Spoiled Cat

Pesky Neighbors


I’m kind of a “live and let live” sort of guy.  Yep – I know we animals ruled the world once and some of us feel like we still do (!) but I think we should all try and get along together – right?  Well, nobody has passed this idea on to the crew of animals living next door to us!  I’ve already mentioned the “barky beagles” – the hounds don’t really bark – they scream…..and you’d think after living next door and seeing all of us out in our back yard every day for over a year they’d recognize us and not bark continuously while we are in our own yard minding our business!!!  NOT……well, not only are they living there but they also have two cats who roam the area and who think MY front porch is THEIR front porch.  Hey – they have their own front porch so why use mine?  Not only that but they are mean.  They sit on my front sidewalk and dare me to come outside.   Yesterday Mom and I were on the front porch when one of those cats came up and growled at me out of nowhere.  Mom chased it away and into its own yard. 

Some nerve huh?   I wish people would realize that maybe their neighbors don’t WANT to hear their barking dogs all day and sometimes into the night……I wish people would keep their cats in their own yard like me or even in the house because it’s dangerous out here around the woods……lots of foxes just looking for a nice, juicy snack! 

Like I said – I’m a peaceful guy……and I’m getting older now so the last thing I want is any kind of trouble but these pesky neighbors – well – they’re pushing the limit.  Hey everyone – can’t we all just GET ALONG?????????????????????????? 

Happy QUIET Sunday everybody……….Sammy, One Spoiled Cat